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Big coffees gathered, the 14th China Town Water Affairs Conference was successfully held!

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Guide: Under the theme of "Strengthening Water Pollution Control and Speeding up Water Ecological Restoration", the 14th China Urban Water Development International Symposium and New Technology Equipment Expo opened in the "Oriental Water City-Suzhou" on the morning of the 26th!
With the theme of "Tackling Water Pollution Prevention and Speeding up Water Ecological Restoration", the 14th International Conference on Urban Water Development in China and New Technology Equipment Expo opened in the "Oriental Water City-Suzhou" on the morning of the 26th!
The conference was co-sponsored by the China Urban Scientific Research Society, the China Urban Scientific Research Society Water Environment and Water Ecology Branch, the International Water Association China Committee, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Suzhou Municipal People's Government. , Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and International Water Association (IWA).
Yu Gang, Secretary-General of the China Urban Scientific Research Society, Vice-President and Secretary-General of the Water Environment and Aquatic Ecology Branch, and Professor of the School of Environment, Tsinghua University
The opening ceremony was presided over by Yu Gang, Secretary-General of the China Urban Scientific Research Association, Vice-President and Secretary-General of the Water Environment and Water Ecology Branch, and Professor of the School of Environment, Tsinghua University. Relevant leaders of the state ministries and commissions, Jiangsu Province and Suzhou City, as well as leaders of the organizers addressed the conference. A number of academicians and experts from relevant organizations at home and abroad attended the conference and published academic reports.
Zhu Min, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee
As the host, Deputy Secretary Zhu Min first extended a warm welcome to the guests and representatives who came to Suzhou, and introduced the current situation of Suzhou's urban development to the participants. Zhu Min said that Suzhou adhered to the new period water management policy proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, "water supply priority, space balance, system management, two-handed efforts" as the lead, according to scientific water management, water management according to law, precise water management, water management ideas for the whole people, is working hard Five articles on good water safety guarantee, water resource protection, water environment improvement, water ecological restoration, and water culture promotion. Zhu Min pointed out that all relevant units in Suzhou should actively use this conference to study in depth to better turn the wisdom of experts into practical solutions to problems and the hands to promote work.
Yang Honghai, Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province
Deputy Director Yang Honghai introduced the important measures of Jiangsu Province in terms of municipal infrastructure, urban and rural environmental governance, etc., and pointed out that Suzhou has now entered a new stage from strengthening capacity building to high-quality comprehensive improvement of efficiency, whether it is Various tasks, such as urban physical governance, pipe network repair, and rectification of governance points, have reached the forefront of the province and the country. Yang Honghai said that the establishment of an international communication platform such as the "International Conference on Urban Water Development in China and New Technology Equipment Expo" in Suzhou has strong pertinence and important practical significance.
Qiu Baoxing, Counselor of the State Council, Chairman of the China Urban Scientific Research Association, and former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Chairman Qiu Baoxing addressed the conference and made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. In his speech, Qiu Baoxing and the guest representatives reviewed the history of urban water development in China at three important stages. At the same time, he said that Suzhou's water ecological governance and water safety protection have been at the forefront of the country. Suzhou is not only beautiful because of water, but it will also be prosperous because of water.
Taking "The Essentials of Urban Emergency Water Supply System Design-Based on Complex Adaptation Theory (CAS)" as the title, Chairman Qiu Baoxing gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. He said that a country's urbanization rate of more than half means that it has entered a peak period of frequent pollution incidents. With the frequent occurrence of "black swans" in cities, urban safe water supply is being threatened. How to design urban emergency water supply systems has become an urgent problem for city managers and water workers to ponder and study in depth. Focusing on the "Design of Urban Emergency Water Supply System", Chairman Qiu Baoxing stated that based on the subjectivity, diversity, autonomy, redundancy, slow variable management, and identification of complex adaptation theory, the evolutionary improvement of urban water supply systems is to ensure urban water safety. New ideas.
Claudia Spahl, Consul, German Consulate General in Shanghai
In her speech, Ms. Claudia Spahl stated that, whether it is a public government or a private institution in China and Germany, with the continuous improvement of Sino-German friendship, cooperation and exchanges between the two countries are also deepening, especially in environmental protection and urbanization. On the one hand, Germany and China share common goals. At the same time, in Germany, there are many institutions that can provide high-quality water technology and modern water security solutions, and also hope to work with Chinese partners to help solve various problems facing cities today.
Wu Fengchang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Deputy Chief Engineer of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences
Academician Wu Fengchang in his theme report "Preliminary Study on the Preparation and Revision of China's Surface Water Environmental Quality Standards", the participating guests reviewed the revision process of China's environmental related national standards. He pointed out that the "ecological civilization construction" currently proposed provides an important basis for complementing China's shortcomings in the ecological environment, and at the same time puts forward overall goals for the formulation of water environmental standards. He said that the formulation of a suitable standard is not only a reflection of a country's environmental protection goals and determination, but also an important measure to support the healthy development of the industry, standardize environmental management, and promote scientific and technological progress.
Ren Nanqi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholar, Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Director of State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Water Environment
With the theme of "Sponge City Concept and Countermeasures for Black and Stink Water Body Treatment", Academician Ren Nanqi gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the conference. Academician Ren Nanqi pointed out in the report that the treatment of black and odorous water bodies is an integral part of the construction of sponge cities, and the sponge city concept is the fundamental guarantee to guide the cure of black and odorous water bodies. Academician Ren Nanqi systematically combed the main problems existing in the treatment of black and odorous waters. He pointed out that the treatment of black and odorous waters should be based on the principle of system governance, guided by the concept of sponge city construction, and combined with the "natural evolution" of natural ecosystems, Through the "artificial enhancement" of digital planning, digital engineering design, and smart water management, the urban resilience can be improved to meet the people's growing needs for a beautiful living environment.
Huang Xiaojun, Vice President and Managing Director of Veolia China
Huang Xiaojun said in his speech that Veolia is one of the few Fortune 500 companies with resource management and environmental protection as its main business. From the perspective of practitioners, Huang Xiaojun said that in the past year, China's water market has undergone tremendous changes. The water management model has shifted from the previous management of individual water plants to the overall improvement of the quality of the entire water system and watershed. The larger the contract becomes, the more complex and extensive it becomes. Government supervision gradually shifted from heavy construction and assets to heavy operations and results. These new trends have placed new demands on various players in the domestic market.
Liu Yongzheng, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Capital Venture Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Beijing Capital Group Co., Ltd.
In his speech, Liu Yongzheng made a systematic analysis of the current economic situation and industry development trends. He believes that the industry goal is to build an industry ecology, create a market environment, promote industry progress, support industry development, and create service demand; through governance innovation and management innovation, adjust the three major structures of talent, knowledge, and thinking, reform the production relationship, and release The productivity of science and technology improves the output rate of factor resources, so as to achieve continuous innovation and development of the industry.
Sudhir Murthy, Senior Vice President, International Water Association
In his keynote report "IWA New Strategy: Research and Practice of Connection and Balance", Sudhir Murthy briefed the participants on IWA's latest strategy-research and practice of connection and balance. He said that the International Water Association is a professional association dedicated to the sustainable development of global water affairs. Its members are composed of corporate institutions and R & D institutions in the same proportion. By closely linking the research theories of scientific researchers and the output practices of enterprises, they can Give full consideration to theory and practice to better promote the healthy development of the global water industry.
Shen Fengxiang, President of Southern Pumps Co., Ltd.
Shen Fengxiang said that as an important force in the prevention and control of water pollution, enterprises should abide by market rules, improve social responsibility, and strengthen the concept of environmental protection, increase environmental awareness, and enhance environmental protection innovation capabilities. Southern Pump Industry will contribute to the development of the industry, resolve the water crisis, and protect water. The environment and contribute to the sustainable development of water resources.
Lin Kaiwen, Chairman and President, Shanghai Kaiquan Pumps (Group) Co., Ltd.
In a speech at the conference, Lin Kaiwen stated that Kaiquan attaches great importance to building core competencies. In recent years, Kaiquan has established cooperative laboratories with Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Jiangsu University and other universities across the country to create a cooperation platform that integrates “industry, research, and research”. Through the use of their respective advantages, they can jointly advance scientific and technological achievements in water affairs. Industry upgrade applications to jointly create high-standard smart water and wastewater management solutions.
At the "Main Urban Water Development Forum" held in the afternoon of the 26th, Yu Gang, Secretary-General of the China Urban Scientific Research Society, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the Water Environment and Water Ecology Branch, and Professor of the School of Environmental Studies at Tsinghua University CSTB) Chairman Etienne Crépon, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Wang Fuming of Zhengzhou University, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Jiliang University, Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang University Qiushi, Head of Zhejiang Province “Five Waters of Governance” Technical Service Group, Zhejiang Urban Science Research Association Chairman Zhang Tuqiao, Solution Director of Huawei Smart Water Solutions Department Yang Ping, Zheng Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Drainage Group Co., Ltd., Deputy Director of IWAR Institute, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, German Water Industry Association Martin Wagner, Chairman of China, Wang Guorong, Director of Suzhou Water Affairs Bureau and Secretary of the Party Group, Masaaki Miyazaki, Specialist of Japan Water Works Industry Association, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cheung Kong Scholar, Distinguished Dean, Professor, and Doctoral Student of Harbin Institute of Technology Mentor Ma Jun, Academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Peking University Dean and Professor Yu Kongjian of the Institute of Landscape Design published academic reports around the theme of the conference.
△ Expert lineup of main forum for urban water development
Based on academic exchanges and discussions, the conference will hold 30 parallel sub-forums tomorrow. More than 300 experts in urban water affairs will focus on urban water development and reform, sponge city construction, urban smart water construction and operation, black and odorous water body improvement, village and town life. Major topics such as sewage treatment, integrated Yangtze River water development, sludge treatment technology and resource utilization, water ecological restoration technology, urban pipe network leak control, water purification technology and water safety management were discussed and exchanged in depth to comprehensively interpret water pollution The key points of prevention and control and the restoration of aquatic ecosystems are to promote green development and regional coordinated development.
The conference also held the "14th China Urban Water Development New Technology and Equipment Expo", which showcased the latest achievements of domestic and foreign water industry development. The exhibition scope covered high-end products and technologies in the fields of smart water, sponge cities, water treatment technology, and water supply and drainage. .

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