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Commercial heating for nuclear energy put into use? Hebei, Jilin and other provinces also favor this project

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Guide: Recently, the country's first commercial heating of nuclear energy was put into operation in Shandong, which can supply 700,000 square meters of residential area. Many people talk about nuclear discoloration. For this project, more people care about how nuclear heating works. Is it safe during use? In fact, as early as the last century, nuclear power plants in many foreign countries have implemented heating and long-term safe operation. Now being put into use in China, it has opened a new era of clean heating in China.
On November 15, the first phase of Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant ’s first phase of a nuclear heating project in a 700,000 square meter residential area was officially heated, which means that the country ’s first nuclear commercial heating project was officially put into operation.
According to estimates, this project can save 23,200 tons of standard coal each year, reduce 222 tons of soot, 382 tons of sulfur dioxide, 362 tons of nitrogen oxides and 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to reducing about 5 10-ton coal-fired boilers. Significant effects of energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental improvement.
Nuclear power heating was used in the first batch of areas including Shandong Nuclear Power employees' shift dormitories and some residential communities in Haiyang City. It is understood that this project started relevant research work in March 2018, officially started construction in April 2019, the project installation was completed and commissioned in October, and in November, the first phase of the first phase of the project went online.
How is nuclear energy converted into thermal energy? Professionals said that the principle is to place the reactor core in the depth of an atmospheric tank, and use the static pressure of the water layer to increase the core outlet water temperature to meet the heating requirements.
The specific method is that the reactor core is the core part, which contains nuclear fuel rods, and boron carbide in the surrounding control rods absorbs neutrons to control nuclear fission. The energy generated by nuclear fission is water in the pressure shell as the medium and passes through the heat exchanger belt. Go out, and then send thermal energy to millions of households through intermediate circuits, heating networks / steam circuits, etc.
Haiyang nuclear power plan, by 2021, will be able to meet the heating capacity in Haiyang.
As the nation's first commercial heating of nuclear energy, the Haiyang Nuclear Heating Project is a major move to promote clean heating in winter. In the "Northern Winter Clean and Heating Plan (2017-2021)", it was clearly stated that nuclear power heating will be researched and explored, and active nuclear power units will be provided with heat to the surrounding area, and low-temperature pool reactor heating demonstrations will be developed safely .
Nuclear power heating is not new. At present, nuclear power plants in Finland, Switzerland, and Russia have implemented heating and long-term safe operation. Many people in our country talk about nuclear discoloration and have doubts about its safety. So, is this nuclear energy heating project safe or unsafe? Is there any radiation?
Zhang Zhen, a thermal system engineer at Shandong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., said that nuclear power plants use secondary circuit steam to drive turbines and drive generators to generate electricity. The secondary circuit is mainly pure water and steam without any radioactivity .
In an interview, Wang Naiyan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yu Junchong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, stated that all materials used in the nuclear reactor are free of explosion problems, and the safety and protection measures adopted by the nuclear reactor are very strict. , Also set up a wastewater collection system to achieve "zero discharge".
From this perspective, the safety of nuclear energy heating is guaranteed. In the future, under the dual blessing of policies and landing projects, the use of nuclear energy for clean heating will also be the general trend.
The nuclear energy heating project of Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant has set a precedent for the commercial heating of nuclear energy in China. It has provided a new "National Electricity Investment Scheme" and "Shandong Scheme" for the clean heating in winter in the northern region, and opened a new era of comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy.
According to data, it is estimated that before 2030, SPIC will rely on Haiyang Nuclear Power and the new nuclear power base to combine other clean energy heating methods to replace all coal-fired boilers in the Jiaodong Peninsula. In addition, Hebei, Jilin and other provinces also intend to choose nuclear energy for heating. .

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