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How to choose water treatment equipment? Chengdu and Xinfeng imported pumps to find out

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Introduction: Chengdu Hexinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. is the agent distributor of American IDEX Group in the west of China. It mainly sells American IDEX Group-Pastefield metering pumps and Ford Industrial Group-Ford Pneumatic diaphragm pump. On November 21, 2019, the company entered a member of the environmental protection online advanced list.
Chengdu Hexinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Chengdu Hexinfeng") is a technology company engaged in the import of pumps and fluid machinery equipment. Its products include various types of water treatment machinery and equipment for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection. On November 21, 2019, the company entered a member of the environmental protection online advanced list.
It is understood that Chengdu and Xinfeng are the distributors of IDEX in the west of China. The company's products are mainly used in furnace dosing, papermaking (corrugated paper), general industrial sewage treatment , domestic sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, OEM matching of dosing equipment, PAC, PAM dosing equipment and radioactive wastewater treatment. Field applications have been made in multiple province cities.

Chengdu and Xinfeng Furde launch diaphragm pump products
As an agent, Chengdu and Xinfeng focus on product quality and quality. The main product lines sold by the company include American Yidas Group-Pastefield metering pumps and Furd Industrial Group-Furd pneumatic diaphragm pumps.
Products include Pasfida metering pumps, Pasfida spare parts, complete dosing devices, dosing device accessories, Fold industrial pumps and Xylem industrial pumps, etc., especially Pasfida metering pumps and The complete dosing device has been loved by many consumers.
Electromagnetic metering pumps, hydraulic pumps and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps are all products in the Pasfida metering pump series, each of which has multiple products. According to the different pharmaceuticals and different industrial enterprises, there are nearly 10 types of complete medicinal equipment in Chengdu and Xinfeng. According to the pharmaceuticals, they are PAM flocculant dosing device, PAC coagulant dosing device, and phosphate dosing. Device and acid-base dosing device, etc .; divided by industry, namely power plant dosing device and petrochemical dosing device.
Products are abundant, and of course services must keep up. According to the company's relevant person in charge, Chengdu and Xinfeng can also provide technical services, non-standard equipment processing, production, and special equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and other multi-directional services according to customer requirements.
Relying on the differentiated strategy of “people have what they have, people have what they have, and people have what they have,” Chengdu and Xinfeng have achieved a certain competitive advantage in the industry. In the next step, the company will continue to grasp product quality and enter a larger market. Step by step, make the enterprise stronger and bigger.

On November 21, 2019, the company entered a member of the environmental protection online advanced list

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