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HB Class Lecturer Recruitment: If you are so bullish, how can nobody know ...

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Guide: To settle in the HB class, you only need to give the lecture with peace of mind, the course packaging publicity, copyright encryption protection, offline activity recommendation, etc. are all handed to us. You gain not only a stable part-time job, but more.


Since the trial operation in 2018, [HB Classroom] has received extensive attention and strong support from industry companies, experts and scholars, and environmentalists.

In order to further promote the formalization and standardization of the platform, and improve professionalism, activity, and influence, Environmental Protection Online now launches the "HB Classroom Lecturer Recruitment Program.

HB Classroom is an online interactive platform for the environmental protection industry created by the Environmental Protection Online. It is dedicated to creating an online classroom platform for environmentalists, and provides professional and professional courses and experience sharing for environmental protection practitioners and learners.

有实操经验并善于总结。 As long as you have rich experience in the environmental protection industry or unique industry perspectives, have a certain verbal expression ability, have practical experience and be good at summing up. Whether it's an experienced veteran or a budding newcomer, we welcome it!

Free time: here, free time, after work or on the weekend, does not affect daily work and life;

The method is simple: here, the method is simple, live broadcast is ok, recording and uploading are also fine;

Ignore the distance: Here, as long as a computer, a microphone, a camera, broadcast thousands of miles away.

Professional guidance: Still find it difficult? One-to-one dedicated guidance to help you get started at the speed of light.

Policy interpretation, technology exchange, experience sharing, hot topic discussions ... It is up to you to decide what topics, how to say, how many times, how long to talk about in the environmental protection industry.

You have dry goods, we have platforms. To settle in [HB Classroom], you only need to give lectures with peace of mind, and give us all the course package promotion, copyright encryption protection, offline activity recommendation, etc. You gain not only a stable part-time job, but more:

[HB Classroom] Benefits

Become a [HB Class] contracted lecturer, get referrals and customer resources;

Enjoy rich tiered benefits based on course popularity;

Create personal IP influence, sit in the frontier industry communication circle, and deepen contacts;

Disseminate industry knowledge and skills, build industry veterans, and harvest unexpected resources.

If you have such a lecturer, you can also recommend it to us, recommend successful ones, and get mysterious gifts!


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