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Conch Cement SCR Denitrification Project Exposure

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Guide: Recently, the first SCR denitration project constructed by Conch Group in Jining Conch was put into trial operation. The SCR denitration project is an advanced environmental protection and emission reduction project that Conch Group has cooperated with well-known foreign companies, and it is also a key environmental protection project supported by the National Central Air Pollution Prevention and Control Reserve Application Project in 2019.
A few days ago, the Conch Group's SCR denitration project in Jining Conch was put into trial operation, which achieved a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, and explored a new way for the ultra-low emissions of the cement industry.
This is another major environmental protection demonstration project created by Conch Group after the creation of a carbon dioxide capture and purification project in the cement industry. It is a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with positive actions to implement new development concepts and protect clear water and blue sky.
Jining Conch is one of the subsidiaries of Conch Group that has achieved outstanding results in environmental governance. Since the beginning of this year, Jining Conch dust and nitrogen oxide emission indicators can be controlled to less than 10mg / m³ and 100mg / m³, which are far better than national standards.
The SCR denitration project is an advanced environmental protection and emission reduction project that Conch Group has cooperated with well-known foreign companies, and it is also a key environmental protection project supported by the National Central Air Pollution Prevention and Control Reserve Application Project in 2019. SCR flue gas denitration technology has a few precedents in Europe and the United States. It mainly uses catalysts to convert NOx in the tail gas of cement kiln to nitrogen and water at a certain temperature, thereby reducing nitrogen oxide emissions.
This project started a year ago. During the construction process, many technical problems were encountered. After joint research and exploration by Jining Conch, Conch Design Institute and related foreign technical experts, a series of problems were solved, and various commissionings were successfully completed. Trial run.
According to the analysis of recent test results, the nitrogen oxide emission index can be controlled below 90mg / m³, ammonia escape is better than national standards, and compared with national standards, it can reduce more than 600 tons of nitrogen oxides per year.
Jining Conch has always adhered to creating green benefits and contributing green power to Jining City. At the beginning of the construction of the factory, a set of 9MW waste heat power generation system and a set of 1.5MW wind turbines were built. In the past two years, Jining Conch has actively introduced mature waste incineration power generation, solid waste treatment, photovoltaic power generation and other projects in order to further enhance its environmental protection strength and support local environmental protection causes. According to statistics, Jining Conch waste heat power generation, wind power generation, waste incineration power generation, Projects such as photovoltaic power generation can generate more than 100 million kWh of electricity throughout the year, and are constantly close to the production of "zero-use electricity", which has brought both economic and environmental benefits.

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