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Qinghong Technology: Intelligent supervision solution for rural public toilets

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Guide: Qinghong public toilet intelligent monitoring terminal integrated with TVOC (odor) monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, ambient light monitoring, long-range wireless RFID identification, power failure alarm function is installed in rural public toilets, and connected to Qinghong The public toilet management cloud system can realize local and remote centralized visual monitoring, early warning and control of the operating status of rural public toilets in the area, providing convenient services for users and related units and owners.
I. Background
In December 2014, when investigating in Jiangsu, it was shown that solving the toilet problem is of landmark significance in the construction of new countryside.
In July 2015, when he went to Jilin for inspection, he was ordered to carry out the "toilet revolution".
In March 2018, the three-year action to rectify the rural human settlement environment was steadily carried out, and the "restroom revolution" was written into the government work report of the 13th National People's Congress.
The "Toilet Revolution" is a major event of the current global nature. Two important instructions were issued for the "Toilet Revolution", pointing out that the issue of toilets is not a trivial matter, but an important aspect of the construction of urban and rural civilizations. This work should be promoted as a specific work of the rural revitalization strategy, and efforts should be made to supplement this influential people. The shortcomings of quality of life.
Second, the long-term management goals of rural public toilets
Rural public toilets have the characteristics of large quantity, large scale, and relatively scattered distribution. The management of rural public toilets may seem trivial, but it is an important aspect of rural people's livelihood.
In order to ensure that public toilets meet the "three, four, and no" standards with water, electricity, and someone in charge, odorless, scale-free, dust-free, and non-accumulated, a set of policies that ensure "operation, maintenance, and management in a timely, standardized, and scientific manner" Big data analysis results for continuous optimization of public toilets "management and technical support system.
Construction plan
Qinghong public toilet intelligent monitoring terminal with integrated TVOC (odor) monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, ambient light monitoring, long-range wireless RFID radio frequency identification, and power failure alarm is installed in the rural public toilets, and connected to Qinghong public toilets management In the cloud system , local and remote centralized visual monitoring, early warning, and control of the operation status of rural public toilets in the area can be realized, providing convenient services for users, related units, and owners; at the same time, the platform supports the establishment of a unified public toilet basic information database, which is based on Mobile Internet and big data management functions such as inspection and maintenance; support relevant units and owners to accurately grasp the status quo, and provide continuous and effective monitoring data support for rural public toilet reconstruction effect evaluation, maintenance effect evaluation, and long-term operation management.
Fourth, the program value
1 ) Intelligent supervision and assessment
Through remote intelligent monitoring and alerting, smart phones conduct inspections and assessments; it improves the quality and efficiency of supervision, effectively promotes the improvement of management quality, and reduces the workload and costs of supervision.
2 ) Standardization of long-term management
Establish a custody plan and task based on custody standards and specifications; temporary custody tasks due to events and alarms; each task achieves standardized, strict closed-loop management.
3 ) Digitalization of decision support
The daily monitoring and digitalization of rural public toilets and management data provide powerful data support for management and decision-making, helping management and decision-making to be more scientific and fast.
4 ) Connected convenience services
By sharing public toilets and coordinate information to major Internet maps, the public is convenient to find toilets; collect complaints and suggestions through two-dimensional code, and achieve a piece by piece response.
V. About Qinghong
Hangzhou Qinghong Technology Co., Ltd. is a new technology startup company dedicated to providing intelligent service solutions based on the Industrial Internet to help enterprises build a closed-loop intelligent service system for planning, operation and optimization.
The company has core products such as a data acquisition intelligent hardware platform, an intelligent industrial cloud monitoring platform, and a smart easy housekeeping platform for big data processing, which are fully independent intellectual property rights. It is committed to helping equipment manufacturing companies, operation and maintenance service companies, owners, and government regulatory agencies. Intelligent operations and services

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In the new era, defend your right to "toilet-type social" 2019-12-27 13:38:46
This "toilet-type social" did not appear in the year [9991] and [9002]. Why did they start to "enter the room" in these two years? Yes, the current toilets must also be compromised in this "looking at the face" era. Fortunately, the sweeping of the "toilet revolution" has made more and more toilets into a look that conforms to the "looking at the face" aesthetic. A transformation from "face" to "lizi" spread from the city to the countryside. No matter whether it is urban or rural, who can not have the right to "toilet-type social", rural areas have weak foundations and backward ideas, then focus on changing.
From three aspects, we can see that Shandong Sanitation Construction Management has been working closely and closely.
Environmental sanitation unannounced visits randomly selected 62 counties (cities, districts) in 16 districts and cities, for a total of 182 towns and 882 villages (homes). 2,600 satisfaction questionnaires were distributed, with an efficiency of 81%. The average score is 92.74, the proportion above the average is 51.6%, and the pass rate is 93.54%. Shandong has more than 3,000 residential communities, and about 1.22 million residents have participated in the waste sorting pilot. Data released by Shandong in a press conference in September shows In total, more than 9 million households have completed toilet modification work, and the rural toilet environment has been greatly improved.
The people's livelihood project must conform to the "people's mind" The rural toilet reform focuses on these 4 words2019-12-11 11:39:53
From the "Administrative Measures for Rural Toilet Restoration (Trial)", to "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Special Actions on Rural" Toilet Revolution ", to" Notice on Promoting Financial Replenishment and Compensation for the Whole Village in Rural "Toilet Revolution" The Notice on Steady and Orderly Promoting the Improvement of Rural Human Settlement Environment in Poor Areas emphasizes that people's livelihood projects should be made into "people's hearts" projects. Don't engage in a one-size-fits-all approach, take care of management, and solve the problem of "unwillingness, uselessness, and unavailability."

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