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The 2nd Xinjiang Asia-Europe International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition 2019 ends successfully

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Introduction: The three-day exhibition from May 9, 2019 to May 11, 2019 was a complete success at the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hongguangshan, Urumqi! This year's exhibition is closely centered on the theme of "innovation, openness, sharing, development of a green economy, and joint construction of the Belt and Road", and adheres to the service concept of "serving enterprises and seeking industry development", with internationalization, marketization, professionalism, and brand Based on the national “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, it will build a platform for exhibition, exchange, cooperation, and trading for energy-saving and environmental protection manufacturers, technology providers, facility operators, engineering contractors, and consulting service providers in and outside Xinjiang.
The three-day exhibition from May 9, 2019 to May 11, 2019 was a complete success at the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hongguangshan, Urumqi!
The exhibition is supported by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Department, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Ecological Environment Department, the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the China Energy Conservation Association. The Xinjiang Eco-Environmental Protection Industry Association (XEEPIA), the Xinjiang Energy Conservation Association, and Xinjiang Regeneration Organized by the Resource Recycling Industry Association, Xinjiang Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, and the Xinjiang Industrial Park (Development Zone) Association; co-organized by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Energy Conservation Supervision Team; and hosted by Urumqi Shandao Jiuye Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Leading guests cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony
Leading guests to visit
This year's exhibition is closely centered on the theme of " innovation, openness, sharing, development of a green economy, and joint construction of the Belt and Road ", and adheres to the service concept of "serving enterprises and seeking industry development", with internationalization, marketization, professionalism, and brand Relying on the national “Belt and Road” development strategy, improving environmental quality as the core, promoting the coordination between economic development and environmental protection, giving full play to the advantages of the environment and resources, and providing energy conservation and environmental protection manufacturers in and outside Xinjiang, Technology providers, facility operators, engineering contractors, consulting service providers, etc. build display, exchange, cooperation, and trading platforms.
Three days exhibition site
The exhibition hall area is 6,240 square meters. The exhibition exhibits focused on air pollution and treatment, air purification and fresh air, soil remediation and treatment, electric heating and air source heat pumps, water pollution prevention, building and industrial energy conservation, and other related products and technologies related to energy conservation and environmental protection. 89 companies, including Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd., Shimadzu Enterprise Management (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xuedilong Technology Co., Ltd., Ambic (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanweiying Chong Technology Development Corporation, Shenzhen Rui Environmental Technology, Nanjing Guohuan Technology, Guangzhou Keye Environmental Protection, Hangzhou Zetian Technology and other 36 companies from home and abroad and Urumqi Kunlun Environmental Protection, Jingcheng Testing, Xinyuan Daji Jiji Industry and Trade, Xinjiang Waterfront environmental protection technology, net source environmental engineering, Dean environmental protection, modern special oil technology, Shuntong environmental protection, three-dimensional silk environmental protection technology, Jinheshan Energy Technology, Tianxin Jingrun environmental protection technology and other 52 enterprises in Xinjiang.
Wufujili from Hami is the head of a coking plant. He walked around the exhibition and learned a lot: "We are currently preparing to update a batch of environmental protection facilities. We turned around at this exhibition and found out A lot of environmentally friendly equipment suitable for business. "
Leading guests from China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Jiangxi Ecological Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shaanxi Ecological Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shandong Ecological Environmental Protection Industry Association, Hubei Ecological Environmental Protection Industry Association, and Chinese and foreign energy conservation and environmental protection related companies Participate in the grand event, share the industry's cutting-edge ideas, discuss the development trend of the industry, and work together to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the energy-saving and environmental protection industry in our region, and work together to create a green "Belt and Road".
The exhibition was held concurrently with "Energy-saving and environmental protection policies and industrial development; roads for coal-fired power generation and clean development; environmental management of hazardous wastes under an ecological civilization system; hot energy technology exchanges for new energy sources; volatile organic pollutant emission reduction and control; the cement industry Analysis of the status quo of energy conservation development and outstanding problems; case practice of environmental protection butlers in the park; immobilized microbial wastewater treatment technology; accelerating the development of circular economy and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction; product and technology exchange forums for government officials, experts, scholars, and enterprises And various industry professionals provide a communication platform to achieve effective industry interaction. About 1,060 representatives from the environmental protection systems and related enterprises in cities across Xinjiang participated in the forum exchanges, which laid a good foundation for the energy conservation and environmental protection work to be carried out in our district and deepened the enterprises' understanding of relevant documents.
In order to drive and influence the whole society's concern and support for environmental protection work, raise the general public's awareness of environmental protection and continuous attention to environmental protection, and create a strong social atmosphere in which everyone participates in the environment and everyone loves the environment, before the exhibition, Xinjiang Asia Europe (International ) The Organizing Committee of the Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Expo collects excellent photographic works for the whole society, and conducts online voting and awarding activities on the theme of “Love Me, Great Xinjiang, and Practice Green Development”. The photographic works are displayed through photographic lenses and mobile phone lenses. Xinjiang Damei rivers and mountains, human landscape, birds and beasts, flowers and plants macro, living (working) environment, close-ups of characters, close-ups of teams, engineering construction, architecture, builder style.
The organizing committee has specially set up the "Earth Hour" signature activity link for 10,000 people. The atmosphere at the scene was positive and enthusiastic.
The exhibition invited 21 major 3d之家 media in China to conduct live interviews and reports, including 13 sets of CCTV 3d之家 channels, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, China News Service, People's Daily Online, China News Network, Economic Daily (China County Economic Daily), Xinjiang TV station, Corps TV station, Urumqi TV station, Xinjiang People's Broadcasting Station, Tianshan.com, Yaxin.com, Tencent News, Today's Headline, Netease News, Daily Express, etc. 38 professional websites support media: First Environmental Protection Network, Environmental Protection Online, China Energy Saving Online, Polaris Environmental Protection Network, Guteng Environmental Protection, China Industrial Electrical Network, Guolian Resources Network, China Instrument Network, Manufacturing Resources Network, E Exhibition Network, China Chemical Industry Network, exhibition network, international energy conservation and environmental protection network, China environmental protection network, China exhibition network, first exhibition network, China Instrument Network, China City Low Carbon Economy Network.
During the exhibition, including Xinjiang's prefectures and corps economic and information commissions, development and reform commissions, environmental protection bureaus, municipal appearances, environmental monitoring centers, environmental science institutes and other government agencies; design research institutes and environmental engineering companies, major industrial parks; high consumption in Xinjiang Energy, heavy pollution enterprises (thermal power, petroleum, chemical, steel, cement, coal, papermaking, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment plants, waste incineration plants, electrolytic aluminum, cotton pulp, metallurgy, machinery, textile, coating, biological, pharmaceutical, Food, beverages, glass, hospitals, natural gas, furniture, building materials, leather, plastics, brewing) and other professional audiences from more than a thousand counterparts; teachers from major professional colleges and universities in Xinjiang led students to visit, learn, Enterprises reserve talent in advance. The exhibition site attracted visitors from various places. According to the incomplete statistics of the organizing committee, the number of visitors on the opening day reached 7,000, and the number of professional visitors who joined the three-day conference was about 12,700. The on-site turnover was 78 million, and the intention turnover was 296 million. 98% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition and had a lot of gains at the venue. The results exceeded expectations and looked forward to participating again.

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