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The 3rd China Toilet Expo ends successfully

Comprehensively promote the toilet revolution and create an innovative technology platform

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Introduction: On November 18-20, 2018, the 3rd China Toilet Revolution and Innovation Expo took place in full swing at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center.
[ Review of China Environmental Protection Online Exhibition ] On November 18-20, 2018, the 3rd China Toilet Revolution and Innovation Expo was held in full swing at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area of this toilet expo was 10,000 square meters. During the exhibition, it received a total of 14,865 professional visitors, a year-on-year increase of 21.6%.
Toilet Expo hits new heights
On November 18-20, 2018, the 3rd China Toilet Revolution and Innovation Expo was held in full swing at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-filled exhibition ended on the afternoon of the 20th. The wonderful opening ceremony, the exhibition and display of the toilet industry chain products, the summit forum to solve the problem of the toilet revolution, the debut of new toilet products and technologies, the visit of the toilet management departments in various places, and the on-site signing of toilet cooperation projects constituted this book. The highlights of the toilet expo.
Every toilet fair will always attract the attention of industry professionals from all over the country. The exhibition area of this toilet expo was 10,000 square meters. During the exhibition, it received a total of 14,865 professional visitors, a year-on-year increase of 21.6%. From the Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Jilin Province Housing and Construction Department, Pengxi County Government Office, Ningbo Jiangbei District Tourism Bureau, China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Nantong Development Zone More than 60 professional delegations from all over the country including the Management Committee, the Management Committee of Huangshan Scenic Area, Tianjin University, and Suzhou University of Science and Technology attended the meeting. 68 intent cooperation projects for new construction and renovation of toilets were reached, with the amount of intent cooperation projects reaching 38.37 million yuan.

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Concentrated display of big coffee and toilet enterprises in the industry
This session of the toilet expo will present new technologies, good products, and good models in the field of toilet revolution to the audience. It presents the characteristics of more exquisite booth layout, gradually increasing number of well-known enterprises, and more abundant supporting activities. Well-known brands Huajie, Everbright, Huahong, Heji, Chongming Bird, Music Fantasy, Lianjia Jisheng, Legend, Xinlang, Shuangchun, Yufeng, Jiming, Lan Jieshi, Weiying, Jijie, Paper Bao, Shoulian, Guangzhong Herun, Emperor Jing, Mori Rui, Sandalwood, Topla, Zhonglianjie, Gewuzhixin, Shuhua, Zhuo Zhen, Lu Zijian, Chenji, Kaiweishi, Sanshui , Escher, Shujizhi, Zhixiang, Lvwei, Voan, Chunyuan, Xiangyuan, good care, Jushenglong, Pioneer, Panshi, Yanshi, Kuangwei, Leo, Haichen, Bao Famous enterprises such as Li, Tongyuan, Lvpin, Zhuli, etc. made wonderful appearances.

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At 8:50 am on the 18th, the opening ceremony of the 3rd China Toilet Revolution and Innovation Expo was officially launched. Xiao Jiabao, Chairman of the China Urban Environmental Hygiene Association, Cui Liping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and Appearance, and Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Greening and Appearance Bureau Director Tang Jiafu, Director of Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Quality Monitoring Center Zhang Feng, President of Shanghai Public Toilet Association Zhao Aihua, Secretary General of Shanghai Public Toilet Association Gu Chenghua, UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Project Director Yang Zhenbo, Kunshan Yuting Charity Foundation Chairman Qian Jun, deputy chairman of Shanghai Public Toilet Association, Chairman of Shanghai Huajie Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., Ma Zhiheng, and Tu Ruming, director of the China Toilet Revolution Innovation Expo and Summit Forum Organizing Committee, attended the ceremony and presided over the opening ceremony. CCTV, Shanghai TV Station, Wenhui Daily, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, Dongfang.com, Dashen.com, Economic Daily, Jiefang Daily, Morning News and other media all covered the opening ceremony.

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Qinghai Provincial Toilet Revolution Leadership Group Holds Group Concern on Toilet Expo
A delegation of nearly 100 people, consisting of the Qinghai Development and Reform Commission, the Health and Family Planning Commission, and the cities, counties, and districts in charge of the toilet revolution in Qinghai Province, the city management committees, the Aiwei Office, and the Tourism Bureau, arrived at the toilet Expo site on the morning of the 18th. According to the person in charge of the Development and Reform Commission of Qinghai Province, the province attaches great importance to the visit and exchange activities. The Expo mobilized the province before the conference. I hope to take this toilet expo and summit forum as an opportunity to promote the toilet revolution in Qinghai. "Building, managing, maintaining" and other innovative models, during the toilet expo and summit forum, to explore and communicate with the majority of toilet enterprises, experts, and elites in the same industry, to contribute to the new round of toilet revolution in Qinghai.

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The World Toilet Day Summit Forum of China Toilet Expo 2018 was held, arousing enthusiastic response from the industry
The World Toilet Day Summit Forum, co-sponsored by the Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Quality Monitoring Center, Shanghai Greening and Cityscape Management Information Center, Shanghai Public Toilets Association, and the China Toilet Expo Organizing Committee, was held on the morning of the 18th. Win-win as the theme, there are two core sub-forums, the new exploration of the toilet revolution and the new technology of the toilet revolution. With the contents of public toilet construction, design, technology and related product innovation, and strengthening of public toilet management, humanistic care, China Urban Environmental Hygiene Association, American National Standards Association, Shanghai Greening and Appearance Management Bureau, Shanghai Tourism Bureau, UNICEF, Kunshan Yuting Public Welfare Foundation, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center, Shanghai Huajie Ecological Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Lanjieshi Technology Development Co., Ltd. and other toilet management units, well-known experts, scholars, and business representatives attended the forum and made the theme Lectures, jointly discuss and exchange the development direction of public toilet construction management, and publish research results of high-tech and environmental protection products, providing theoretical and technical support for promoting the revolution of toilets and improving the quality of public toilet management and services.

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The toilet revolution, technology first. Hua Jie Zhizao, "urinal toilet" new product launch conference held at the toilet expo site
Shanghai Huajie Eco-Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., as a representative company in the domestic toilet industry, has long focused on product innovation and breakthroughs. At the site of the current toilet expo, the "Huajie Intelligent Manufacturing New Product Launch Conference" was grandly held. Huajie's new product is "urinal toilet". The design concept of this product is women's liberation and ideological progress. The toilet is directly divided into a toilet and a urinal. Discharge is convenient for the comprehensive utilization of urine, and has obvious economic and social benefits. At the same time, urinals also have the advantages of simple equipment, saving capital and saving land. The grand launch of "urinal toilets" will inject new blood into the toilet revolution and open a new chapter in toilets.

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"Wisdom +" toilets become the new trend of toilet revolution, national brand Haier debuts at toilet expo
Smart toilets are a highlight of the first day of the toilet expo. Products from the toilet management system to the overall smart toilet and then to the "smart +" concept have been unanimously recognized by the audience. Among them, the smart ecological toilets launched by Jiangsu Heji Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. make people's eyes shine. From the internal supporting facilities of toilets, to the appearance of new toilet materials, to the extension of "smart toilets + unmanned supermarkets", it reflects the toilet revolutionary wisdom The arrival of the era of transformation. At the same time, Jiangsu Heji Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Haier Group at the toilet expo site, and the two sides reached long-term cooperation intentions on smart toilet research and development, and the transformation of traditional bathroom enterprises to the toilet revolution. Guangdong Shuhua Smart Environmental Protection System Co., Ltd. has developed a domestic leading level smart toilet system using Internet and Internet of Things technology. Extending from overall sanitation to public toilet management, the system realizes intelligent management of the entire process through the integration of human and machine equipment, business management and control, and management decision data. In addition, a large number of smart toilet representative companies such as China Everbright Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhuozhen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Gewuzhi New Technology Co., Ltd. have displayed new products and technologies. At the toilet expo site, you can feel the shock brought by fashionable high-tech smart toilets all the time.

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The toilet of the "Expo" was moved into the toilet expo site
At the toilet expo site, Lianjia Jisheng showed the pneumatic car - mounted toilet , and the pull-arm mobile toilet was another highlight of this toilet expo. It adopts an all-steel structure, and the ship's standard anti-corrosion matches the standard semi-trailer chassis (removable). The appearance is refreshing and simple, the interior is perfect and practical, and the corresponding toilet system is readily available. According to the person in charge of Lianjia Jisheng, the vehicle-mounted toilet is now being used in large-scale domestic scenic spots such as Disneyland. At the same time, Lianjia Jisheng Co., Ltd., as a partner of outdoor mobile toilets for the first China Expo, has been praised by domestic and foreign users for its functions and appearance.

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Rural revitalization, toilet reform first, and beautiful rural construction together
At present, the rural "toilet revolution" is in full swing. Promoting the rural toilet revolution is related to the overall situation of rural rejuvenation, and it is related to the livelihood of the peasants. This toilet expo also attracted many manufacturers of ecological toilets in rural areas, new septic tanks, and rural sewage treatment. Participants provided rural toilet reconstruction solutions for the special conditions of drought and water shortage in rural areas in the north. Including Jiangsu Huahong, Jiangsu Dijing, Shanghai Huajie, Qingdao Woan, Hebei Tongyuan and other representative companies in the field of rural toilets. Jiangsu Huahong New Energy Co., Ltd. is a representative rural toilet manufacturer in China, and its ecological toilets have been awarded national key new products. The complete set of organic waste innocuous treatment equipment uses microbial technology and advanced equipment to tightly combine organic waste into bio-organic fertilizer, opening a new way for the innocuous treatment of organic waste in urban, rural, and scenic areas. Jiangsu Dijing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection septic tanks (three-format, double-type). Its products are widely used in sponge city construction, municipal engineering, building districts and old city reconstruction, and new rural sewage reconstruction. And many other fields. The new agricultural toilet renovation products and technologies exhibited by many exhibitors at this exhibition will provide a strong guarantee for the rural toilet revolution in various places.

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Face recognition paper "faceless" again
With the deepening and extension of the toilet revolution, the use of toilet deodorizing equipment, intelligent paper dispensers, and intelligent toilet lids in public toilets has become increasingly popular. On the scene of the toilet fair, domestic legends such as Hangzhou Legend, Hangzhou Shuangchun, Hangzhou Xinlang, Zhejiang Yufeng, Hangzhou Deyi, Tianjin Shoulian, Sichuan Guangzhong Herun, Suzhou Paper Treasure, Xiamen Weiying, Xiamen Jijie, etc. Exhibition of representative commercial toilet facilities manufacturers. Hangzhou Shuangchun displayed the Puli purification film is the air purification product designated by the G20 summit. The face recognition paper machine displayed by Sichuan Guangzhong Herun reflects the industry's "black technology" and the development of the toilet paper industry. Xiamen Weiying's intelligent sanitary pad is a toilet cover that automatically replaces the seat film. One person and one can prevent cross-infection, solve public toilet hygiene problems, and let you enjoy a healthier and safer toilet experience.

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Feel the "Toilet Rivers and Lakes", industry seminars contend
At 9:30 am on the 19th, the Rural Toilet Technology Model and Product Adaptation Consultation cum WASH Group Friendship Conference organized by Director of UNICEF Water and Sanitation Project Yang Zhenbo was held at the toilet expo. This meeting discussed the many problems existing in the "Toilet Revolution" in a group discussion, and considered the sustainability of the Toilet Revolution in combination with special environments such as cold regions, arid regions, and warm water regions. The participants in this conference include representatives of enterprises, toilet experts, professors of colleges and universities, toilet research institutes, toilet enthusiasts and so on. Everyone discussed ideas to break the bottleneck of the "Toilet Revolution". This is an unforgettable "toilet revolution" salon.

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Inheriting the culture of ingenuity, making a better life with wisdom-the theme activity of the 6th "World Toilet Day" arrives as promised
The 2018 Shanghai City Appearance and Sanitation Window Industry Civilization Creation Achievement Report and the 6th World Toilet Day theme event held at 14:00 on the afternoon of the 19th was one of the important events of the toilet expo. Relevant leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Greening and City Appearance Management Bureau, the leaders of the district greening and city appearance management bureaus, the heads of environmental sanitation and publicity departments, and the Shanghai Municipal Appearance and Sanitation Industry Association attended the meeting. The meeting mainly reviewed the achievements made by the Shanghai Sanitation Window in 2018, and carried out the "Shanghai Best Toilets" and the "Double Ten Best" commendation activities of the city appearance and sanitation industry. During the meeting, the leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and City Appearance and the district administrations visited the site of the toilet expo. They gave full recognition to the products of the exhibitors and highly evaluated the organization of the toilet expo. .

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Meet 2019, China Toilet Expo and develop together with you
Farewell to 2018 and look forward to 2019. The success of the China Toilet Revolution and Innovation Expo cannot be separated from the sympathetic care of the competent authorities at all levels, the long-term company of old friends in the industry, and the hard work of all sectors of society for the Chinese toilet revolution. Because of this powerful force, the China Toilet Expo will become better and better, and the future of China's toilet revolution will be even more brilliant. We will meet again at the China Toilet Expo 2019.
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