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National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao)
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The 13th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition
Chinese Abbreviation: Shanghai International Water Show
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 09: 00-17: 00
Thursday, June 4, 2020 09: 00-17: 00
Friday, June 5, 2020 09: 00-15: 00
Exhibition Introduction:
Shanghai International Water Exhibition is a worldwide large-scale water treatment exhibition platform. It aims to integrate traditional municipal, civil and industrial water treatment with integrated environmental management and intelligent environmental protection, and create a business communication platform with industry influence. As the annual feast of the water industry, 2019 not only brought together 3,401 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions, but also attracted nearly 100,000 professional visitors at home and abroad. During the exhibition, in addition to traditional municipal units, engineering (installation) companies, design institutes, and distributors and agents, exhibitors can also reach professional audiences in 28 terminal industries: food, beverage, brewing, textile, leather, Printing and dyeing, papermaking, printing, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, steel, electroplating, metallurgy, rubber and plastic, cement, electric power, electronics, automobiles, ships, machinery, construction, gas, public facilities, municipal administration, water conservancy, agriculture, etc.
Through cooperation with a number of international water industry innovative technology institutions, associations and industry media, nearly one hundred special forums and events launched by the Shanghai International Water Show also brought additional exposure to exhibitors while sharing technology and market prospects. Opportunities to help companies maintain customer relationships, expand business cooperation, promote new products and services, and enhance brand image, thus gaining an advantage in market competition!
As one of the World Series exhibitions, it has worked with Shanghai International Pump & Valve Exhibition, Shanghai International Solid & Waste Gas Exhibition, Shanghai International Smart Environmental Protection Exhibition, Shanghai International Air Fresh Air Exhibition, Shanghai International Building Water Exhibition and Shanghai International Comfortable 3d之家 Exhibition. The exhibitions under the Circumstances form a whole industry chain pattern and strong scale effect, and share audience resources to protect the effect of participation. The three-day business opportunities are worthy of every enterprise in the industry!
Highlights of the show:
Face to face with 100,000 professional audiences in 100 countries
Provide one-stop service for the environmental needs of 28 end-user users
Achieve on-site procurement negotiations with thousands of buyers in the top 100 companies in the terminal field
220,000 square meters including 10 subdivided exhibition areas
Gathering 3,600 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions
More than 50% of exhibitors from international environmental protection well-known brands
300 new product release platforms designated by participating international brands
Cooperate with many international water industry innovation technology institutions to build a global perspective
Nearly a hundred special forums and activities track industry hotspots and technological frontiers
Exhibition APP + 300,000 official Weibo fans to achieve year-round marketing
Exhibits range :
1. Sewage / wastewater treatment equipment
Water service, sewage treatment equipment, air floatation equipment, pollution control equipment, filtration and sedimentation equipment, evaporator, crystallizer, disinfection and sterilization, filtration equipment, mechanical grille, sewage supporting equipment, aeration equipment, biochemical treatment process, water treatment chemicals , Oil-water separation equipment, air flotation equipment, integrated sewage treatment equipment, river treatment, etc.
2. Sludge treatment equipment
Sludge dewatering equipment, stirring equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press, centrifuge, blower, sand suction machine, mud scraper, mud suction machine, electrolytic treatment equipment, aerobic and anaerobic treatment equipment, etc.
3. Integrated environmental management and engineering services
Water pollution prevention technology and equipment, air pollution prevention technology and equipment, solid waste treatment and disposal technology and equipment, soil and groundwater remediation technology and equipment, noise and vibration control technology and equipment, ecological restoration and protection technology and equipment, rural environmental protection, Green and low-carbon technology equipment and products, water supply and wastewater treatment services, disposal services, engineering services, environmental management and ecological auditing, high-tech service platforms, investment and financing, computer hardware / software, analysis laboratories, operation and maintenance / maintenance, etc.
4. Environmental monitoring and instrumentation
Continuous automatic monitoring systems for water quality, gas, noise, vibration, light, temperature, pressure, flow rate, and thermal measurement, instrumentation technology and equipment for environmental monitoring related to the Internet of Things technology, environmental monitoring sensor technology and products, and intelligent water supply and drainage equipment Instrument technology and products, continuous automatic monitoring system for environmental water quality, etc.
5. Supporting services
Water treatment engineering units, consulting and design institutions, branches, certification and testing services, education, research, consultants, Internet of Things, etc.
6. Membrane and membrane module
Microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, inorganic membrane (ceramic membrane and metal membrane), organic membrane, hollow fiber membrane, roll / plate / tubular membrane module, etc.
7. Membrane separation technology
Separation / purification / concentration in process industry, recovery of waste acid and alkali, special separation, membrane pure water, oil-water separation, membrane desalination, gas separation and purification, difficult wastewater treatment technology and equipment, etc.
8. Membrane treatment agent
Scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, flocculant, ion exchange resin, defoamer, cleaning agent, dispersant, adsorbent, etc.
9. Filtration equipment / membrane case
Filter element / filter material, stainless steel filter, glass fiber reinforced plastic filter, filtration system, stainless steel membrane shell, glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane shell, etc.
10. Membrane separation equipment
Membrane making equipment, membrane module production equipment, small test equipment, pilot equipment, tubular membrane equipment, ceramic membrane equipment, ultrafiltration membrane equipment, nanofiltration membrane equipment, reverse filtration membrane equipment, membrane experiment equipment, membrane separation and integration equipment , Membrane bioreactor, etc.
11. Water purification equipment
Pre-filter, central water softener, ultrafiltration water purifier, nanofiltration water purifier, RO water purifier, air water purifier, water ionizer, faucet water purifier, filter kettle.
12. Drinking equipment
Water dispenser, water dispenser, water heater, pipeline machine, automatic water dispenser, hydrogen-rich water machine, hydrogen-rich water cup.
Membrane, booster pump, solenoid valve, transformer, power supply, switch, connector, control valve, flow meter, water meter, pressure bucket, cabinet, elbow, tee, water distributor, faucet, PP cotton, UV germicidal lamp, Activated carbon, soft water salt, etc.
14. Internet of Things
Internet of things computer version, communication module, compact flow meter, sensor, water leakage protection module, human-computer interaction, water quality monitoring, APP remote control, shared water machine automatic chargeback technology / equipment.
15. Smart 3d之家
3d之家 control module, cloud platform, cloud computing, cloud services, smart hardware, smart home solutions.
16.Water sanitary ware products
Faucet, shower, sink
17. Clean Food Machine
18. Food waste disposer
Audience range
Government, public utilities
Municipal water supply and drainage companies, sewage, waterworks, other municipal units, public utilities
2. Industrial end users
Oil, gas, thermal power, nuclear power, thermal power companies, painting, galvanizing companies, mining, ceramics, brick making companies, oil refining, coking companies, steel, smelting companies, metal surface treatment, heat treatment companies, electronic components, battery coatings, inks Companies, pesticides, gunpowder companies, food, brewing companies, cement, glass companies, textiles, printing and dyeing companies
Pharmaceutical, bio, chemical companies, rubber, plastics, leather, printing, paper mills
3. Engineering company
Environmental protection engineering, construction engineering, environmental services, three waste treatment projects, decoration companies, water treatment engineering companies, water supply and drainage engineering companies, construction mechanical and electrical general contracting, chemical engineering companies, pharmaceutical engineering companies, fire engineering contractors, water supply equipment suppliers,
HVAC contractor.
4. Design agency
Research and design institutions, design institutes, consulting companies
5. Other
Distributors, agents, decoration companies, real estate developers, hotel groups, traders, water appliance manufacturers, white goods channel distributors, ice washers, kitchens and bathrooms, floor heating, mother and baby, schools, hospitals, institutions, solar Internet of Things, etc.
About the organizer :
Founded in 2007, Shanghai Horie Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Horie) is one of the members of the CHC Group, and is also the representative institution of the RAI global brand exhibition in Greater China. As a host that has more than ten years of experience and has rich experience in planning and organizing professional brand exhibitions at home and abroad, Horui has always upheld the spirit of artisans, focused on the B2B2C field, and is committed to creating an international environmental protection business platform.
At present, Hory organizes or participates in more than 20 domestic and overseas exhibitions every year. Its core business scope includes water treatment, fluid machinery, environmental protection, water conservancy, new materials, construction and comfortable home industry related exhibitions based on the Chinese market. Overseas cooperative exhibition projects and B2B e-commerce.
For more exhibition information , please contact the organizer:
Address: Room 401, Block A, Hongqiao 525 Creative Park, 55 Jinyu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (near Xianfeng Street)
Visit Contact: 400 665 3755
Exhibitor Contact: +86 21 33231355
Media Contact: +86 21 33231396

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