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Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall N4
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2020制药环保与洁净技术展 EP&Clean TechChina
2020 Pharmaceutical Environmental Protection and Clean Technology Exhibition EP & Clean TechChina
A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Fourth Batch of Green Manufacturing List Publicity". In the first four batches, a total of 77 pharmaceutical companies were selected as green factories. With the improvement of the environmental cleanliness control requirements and standards of pharmaceutical manufacturers, the cleanliness and continuous stability of pollution control are the core standards for testing the quality of clean rooms.

In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, as an international and high-quality annual event of the pharmaceutical cleanliness industry, "2020 Pharmaceutical Environmental Protection and Clean Technology Exhibition" will join hands with "CPhI & P-MEC China" to reassemble in the Shanghai New International Expo Center N4 Hall " Dynaco, Gusu, Sidori, Xinnuo, Linsen, Sujing "and more than 100 backbones of the pharmaceutical clean and environmental protection industry, to help the green and sustainable development of pharmaceutical clean space, gather one-stop engineering cases and new high-end manufacturing solutions Ideas, show the new technology of domestic and overseas cutting-edge purification products and environmental protection technology innovation progress, to help global pharmaceutical companies continue to develop and innovate, research and develop and adopt more green pharmaceutical technology. There are 13 industry professionals and decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry chain, including pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals and intermediates, pharmaceutical excipients, preparations, contract customization, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, veterinary drugs and feed, etc. An excellent platform for clean technology equipment and engineering.
Range of exhibition:
During the exhibition, the organizer will also hold a variety of concurrent activities, enjoy the knowledge and enhance the industry's vision, while enriching social networking, and with more than 75,000 pharmaceutical company procurement, engineering and clean-related professionals on the site, tour the pharmaceutical "clean new world".
· Bioclean Technology Forum
Domestic & European and American biopharmaceutical clean materials process innovation and new technology trends, many senior well-known experts have one-on-one exchange opportunities
· Clean plant design, verification and project management training
Relevant laws, regulations, guidelines, inspection guidelines, and guidelines for meeting the standards of clean room project management, and practical explanations of new plant construction
· Design and Engineering Innovation Forum
Key drafters of pharmaceutical industry clean plant design standards preach, authoritative Q & A interaction
· Factory tour —— "Clean Room System Solution" line
The combination of fun and practicality, experience the manufacturing technology of suppliers firsthand, and deeply understand the manufacturing culture of the company

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EP & Clean Tech China 20 20 Pharmaceutical Environmental Protection and Clean Technology Exhibition
Conference Website: www.pharmclean.cn
22-22 June 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall N4
Exhibiting consultation: Ms. Yan 021-3339225 7 / tiffany.yan@imsinoexpo.com
Ms. Qu 010-5803 6338 / quao@cccmhpie.org.cn
Media cooperation: Ms. Shen 021-333392253 / summer.shen@imsinoexpo.com
Ms. Tu 010-5803 6315 / tuxiaoying@cccmhpie.org.cn

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