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Shanghai New International Expo Centre
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IE expo 2020 第21届中国环博会
IE expo 2020 The 21st China International Expo
Eco-environment display platform for the entire industry chain of the Asian flagship environmental protection exhibition
IE expo China, founded in 2000 at the EPTEE Shanghai Environmental Protection Water Show, 2004, the mother exhibition of IFAT in Munich, entered China in 2010, EPTEEE and IFAT china resources in 2010, IE expo in 2012, the brand of IE expo, debuted in South China in 2015 Involving the holding of the Guangzhou Exhibition of the China Environmental Expo, and the 2019 China Expo of the Western China Expo, held in the western region in 2019, after 20 years of spring and autumn, gradually formed a full industrial chain covering five major environmental pollution control areas including water, solid waste, atmosphere, soil and noise The exhibition and communication platform, bringing together global mainstream environmental protection brands and enterprises, has become the second largest global environmental protection exhibition in Asia after the Munich IFAT, and its influence covers Asia and radiates the world.
The 21st China International Expo is scheduled to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 21st to 23rd, 2020. The exhibition will usher in the 20th anniversary ceremony. A larger and higher quality environmental protection industry feast is about to appear.
Exhibition time : April 21-23, 2020 Exhibition address : Shanghai New International Expo Center
Estimated size: 180,000㎡ Exhibitors: more than 2,200
Professional buyers: 80,000 people. Conference website: www.ie-expo.cn
Contact: Mr. Qian Tel: 021-23521038
Fax: 021-23521088 Email: ieexpo@mm-zm.com
[ Organization]
Organizer: China World Trade Fair Munich (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Munich Expo Group
Co-organizers : Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES), China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CECC), China Association for Recycling Resources
Co-organizers : China Academy of Urban Construction, Sanitary Engineering Technology Research Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Solid Waste Branch of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, Desalination Branch of China Water Conservancy Enterprise Association, China Society of Desalination and Water Reuse, Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, Shanghai Society for Environmental Sciences
International Supporting Organizations : International Solid Waste Association, European Water Association, U.S. Consulate General's Commercial Office in Shanghai, French Consulate General's Commercial Office in Shanghai, Bavarian German Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection, Bavarian German Environmental Technology Industry Cluster, German Technology Partner companies, German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, German Water, Wastewater and Waste Treatment Association, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, German Federation of Waste, Water and Raw Material Management Industries, German Waste Steel Association, German Water Alliance, German Recycling and Efficiency Technology Federation, Belgium European Union Municipal Equipment Association, Japan Trade Promotion Agency, Japan-China Environmental Cooperation Support Center, Korea Environmental Protection Association, Taiwan Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Trade Union
[The entire industry chain ecology creates a world quality platform]
In the past 20 years, the horizontal layout of the China World Expo has been oriented to the ecological chain of water, solid waste, air, soil, and noise pollution in municipal, industrial, and rural areas, and it has dug deeper into various sectors to expand the environmental protection industry chain. In recent years, it has shown strengths The new scene of stronger, newer and better, polishes the ecological platform of the whole industry chain of environmental protection with "world quality".

[ Global Leading Companies]

[ Prestigious annual environmental event not to be missed]
Wenlin Zhou, Vice Chairman of Chengdu Environmental Investment Group Co., Ltd.
The scale of the China International Expo is huge, with many exhibitors and a wide range of influences, which greatly promotes the environmental protection industry. We hope to use this platform to establish extensive exchanges and cooperation with environmental protection companies at home and abroad, achieve complementary advantages, win-win cooperation, and jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the environmental protection industry.
Wu Peixuan, Director of Operations Management Department of Yingfeng Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd.
The China World Expo is large in scale and displays a wide range of products in the environmental protection field. The number of on-site exhibitors is large, and their peers are involved, which should be said to cover the entire industry. The effect of our participation is also very good. I think China International Expo should be said to be a big environmental protection exhibition in China. By participating in the China World Expo, we can improve our company's brand image and show our new products to more customers.
Andrea Masi, Sales and Marketing Manager, Bongioanni Machinery, Italy
We participated in the China World Expo with the Italian pavilion for the first time. This is also our first time to participate in the exhibition of the recycling industry in China, and the effect is very good. We will also participate in the next exhibition to promote our products to the Chinese market. It is worth emphasizing that this exhibition provided us with a good opportunity to attract customers and communicate with other Italian companies.
Song Jinpeng, General Manager of Dongguan Intex Acoustic Equipment Co., Ltd.
The China World Expo is a platform to understand the current situation, technology and market of counterparts at home and abroad. The large-scale exhibition and complete classification are important choices for us to enter the domestic market for promotion and publicity in the future. I hope that in the future, we can work together with other exhibitors at the Expo to fight the environment.
[ Brand influence continues to increase, government attention continues to expand]
In the context of China's increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, the need for high-quality environmental solutions is even more urgent. With the continuous improvement of exhibition quality and brand influence, the Expo has received the attention and support of government decision-making departments in many places across the country. In 2019, the Shanghai Eco-Environment Bureau joined more than twenty Shanghai state-owned enterprises, environmental monitoring centers, research institutes and key enterprises in the environmental field to participate in the establishment of an independent "Shanghai Pavilion". , Promote the joint development of environmental protection industry-university-research institute.
Leader's comment
Zhihua Wang, Secretary General of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences
The "2019 China Environmental Technology Conference" focuses on the opportunities and challenges of the ecological and environmental protection industry in the new era, interprets policy plans, and explores innovation and upgrading. The scale, quality and influence of the 20th China International Expo will be further enhanced, forming a comprehensive service platform that complements each other at the exhibition, promotes technological innovation and industrial development of the ecological environment, and assists in the fight against pollution and the construction of an ecological civilization.
Shi Min, Director, Science and Technology and International Cooperation Division, Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau
In 2019, Shanghai ushered in the 20th China International Expo. Taking the China International Expo as a platform, this year's Shanghai Eco-Environment Bureau jointly participated with more than a dozen high-quality environmental protection companies in Shanghai to participate in the establishment of an "Shanghai Enterprise Pavilion" with a total area of more than 2000 square meters. Environmental protection industry-university-research joint development. We hope to use the platform of the China International Expo to expand and strengthen the environmental protection industry in Shanghai, to make a positive contribution to winning the battle against pollution prevention, promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, and promoting the high-quality green development of the city's society and economy.
Contemporary Forums to Explore the Green Future】
The China Environmental Technology Conference is guided by heavyweight guests, a full range of topics, and professional organizations. Around 45 international forums on environmental protection, water affairs, solid waste, atmosphere, soil remediation, environmental monitoring, and innovative technologies were organized. Quality forum activities, invited guests from policy-making departments, scholars, experts, technology companies and other speakers to provide free learning platforms for people at all levels of the industry by sharing new industry technology and knowledge, as well as market developments and emerging trends, to help the industry understand the market prospects And development pulse.
Heavyweight guests (partial)
Xia Jun Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Wuhan University, Dean of the Institute of Water Security
Zhu Lizhong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Wu Shuoxian, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of South China University of Technology, First Director of State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science
Professor Xiaojun Qiu, Director, Center for Acoustics and Vibration, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Shou Ziqi, Director of Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau
Wu Qizhou Deputy Director of Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau
Luo Hailin Deputy Director of Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau
Bai Guoqiang Chief Engineer, Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau
Wang Zhihua Secretary-General of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences
Zhao Junjun Chairman, Environmental Chamber of Commerce, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
Zhou Guomei Secretary of the Center for Foreign Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Ren Yong Director, Environmental Development Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Pan Yonggang Vice President / Secretary-General of China Recycling Resources Recycling Association
Hu Hualong Deputy Director, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Liu Jinghao Secretary General of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association
Chief Engineer of Environmental Planning Institute, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Director of Science and Technology Division, Department of Science, Technology and Finance, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Zhu Yongguan Researcher / Director, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Luo Yongming Researcher, Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wang Chunxiang, Dean, Institute of Urban and Rural Ecological Civilization, China Academy of Urban Construction
Li Zhaojun Researcher, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Zhou Yu Secretary of Shanghai Drainage Department
Zhang Lijian Deputy Director, Shanghai Water Supply Management Office
Qi Yumei Deputy Director, Environmental Sanitation Department, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and Urban Appearance
Wei Huajun Director of Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
Lu Yin Director, Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization Division, Shanghai Economic and Information Commission
Huang Shenfa Associate Dean / Professional Senior Engineer, Shanghai Research Institute of Environmental Sciences
Jiang Lin Dean / Researcher, Beijing Research Institute of Environmental Protection
Wang Jun Director / Professional Senior Engineer, Chongqing Institute of Environmental Sciences
Zhong Zhong, Deputy Director, Zhejiang Academy of Environmental Protection Sciences
Chai Fahe Deputy Director, National Center for Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control
Dai Xiaohu Dean and Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University
Li Jingming Chief Expert, China Biogas Society
Zhang Dong Vice Chairman, Chinese Acoustic Society
Professor Tao Hui, technical consultant of bag dust removal committee of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, technical expert of Baowu Group
Zhang Chen National Engineering Survey and Design Master, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Government
Liu Lusan, Operation Director, Joint Research Center for Yangtze River Protection and Restoration
[ Professional audiences all over the world create new business opportunities for the industry]
With the grand scale of the exhibition, comprehensive exhibitor types, and strong publicity, the China Central Expo 2019 received 73,097 professional visitors from 58 countries during the exhibition, especially government decision-making departments, engineering companies, Design institutes, research institutes, and large industrial enterprises account for more than 60% of the owners. Thousands of decision-making buyers are looking forward to seeing and understanding new solutions on the market, how they can help develop their business, increase Performance even brought them brand-new inspiration and inspiration.
[ Professional buyers accurate coverage]
Municipal audience:
Environmental Protection Bureau Water Affairs Bureau Environmental Monitoring Station Solid Waste Management Center Housing Urban and Rural Construction Ministry Environmental Engineering Enterprise / Operating Enterprise Municipal Design Institute / Research Institute
Industrial audience:
Petroleum / Chemical Textiles / Dyeing and Biology / Pharmaceutical Steel / Metallurgical Electronics / Electrical Papermaking / Printing Plastic / Rubber Plating / Coating Cement / Ceramic Leather / Leather Goods / Beverage Bio / Pharmaceutical Furniture / Building Materials Automobile / Parts and Accessories
Agriculture audience:
Farming Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture
[ 360 ° all-round promotion and exposure]
The China World Expo is equipped with a professional marketing and promotion team. It plans detailed “online + offline” promotion combinations throughout the year, spreads out the promotion, deepens the promotion methods, and gathers global buyers for exhibitors.
* WeChat public platform: Relying on its own resource advantages, China Central Expo has established a WeChat “environmental protection circle” since March 2014. Since then, the number of fans has exceeded 140,000 professionals, and it is still in a fast-growing stage. It regularly publishes exhibition information, companies News, industry 3d之家, exhibition 3d之家, to provide exhibitors with pre-show, mid- and post-publicity promotion programs. WeChat content has always received much attention, with a maximum of 120,000 readings.
* Media cooperation: Cooperate with more than 300 industry media, more than 100 association publications, and more than 30 mass media, and do a good job of exhibition / exhibitor publicity before the exhibition, during the exhibition, and after the exhibition, and expand its influence.
* Information flow advertisements: 1. Circle of friends advertisement: The circle of friends advertisement before the show accurately targeted 750,000 target users, triggering more than 1.5 million ad exposures, reaching maximum exposure. 2. Weibo Information Stream Advertising: Weibo information stream exhibition advertisements accurately reach 110,000 target audiences, improving the sense of participation of exhibition advertisements.
* Participation in industry exhibitions: Appeared in many international / domestic industry exhibitions and conferences, actively expanded the collection network of buyers at home and abroad, and closer ties with buyers.
* E-mail SMS grouping: 60 issues of EDM throughout the year, data of about 400,000 professionals, sending content including exhibitor promotion, visit information reminder, concurrent event agenda, recent industry trends
* SMS MMS: 40 SMS group messaging throughout the year, covering data of 400,000 professionals, directly reaching the target audience

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