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Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
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The 15th China (Shandong) International Chemical and Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Collection of "Classical Cases of Environmental Protection in National Chemical and Industrial Parks"
Originating from environmental protection, helping manufacturing in China
In recent years, with the increasingly severe environmental pollution situation, the state has accelerated the introduction of policies on air pollution prevention, water pollution control, and soil pollution remediation. Governance measures in various fields have been continuously increased, and the ecological environment governance system, ecological environment damage compensation mechanism, and environmental law enforcement supervision mechanism have been gradually improved. The long-term needs of environmental protection governance have been truly released, which provides a broad space for adding and upgrading existing environmental protection equipment. Market space.
In this context, China (Shandong) International Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center on February 14-17, 2020. The exhibition is a special exhibition of the 15th Shandong Equipment Expo in 2020, focusing on atmospheric governance. New technologies and new equipment in the fields of sewage treatment, soil pollution repair, solid waste treatment and resource utilization. During the exhibition, there will be a number of forum activities such as "National Classic Cases of Environmental Protection and Governance in Chemical Industry and Industrial Parks" and "China (Shandong) Chemical Industry Park Construction and Development Conference" and other forum activities to help companies gain insight into the market by establishing a supply and demand transaction and industry exchange platform. Prospects and pulse of development.

About Shandong Equipment Expo
China (Shandong) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (abbreviation: Shandong Equipment Expo) is a domestic key equipment manufacturing expo sponsored by the Shandong Provincial People's Government and the China Machinery Industry Federation. Fourteen sessions have been held successfully since the first exhibition in 2006. The total exhibition area is 600,000 square meters, with 600,000 visitors, and companies from more than 50 countries and regions exhibiting and visiting. It has played a positive role in accelerating and revitalizing the development of the equipment manufacturing industry and promoting cooperation and exchanges between domestic and foreign enterprises.
On February 14-17, 2020, the newly created 15th 2020 Shandong Equipment Expo moved to Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center and opened a number of special exhibition areas. The exhibition area is expected to exceed 100,000 square meters, bringing together 1,200 exhibitors, Ten thousand people visited merchants.
I. Basic information of the exhibition
(I) Exhibition time and place
Time: February 14-17, 2020 Venue: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
(Two) exhibition scale
100,000 square meters, including 24,000 square meters of environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition
(Three) organizational structure
Organizers: Shandong Provincial People's Government (first 14 sessions), China Machinery Industry Federation, Shandong Institute of Industry and Information Technology, Shandong High-end Equipment Industry Association
Organizer: Shandong High-end Chemical Development Promotion Association
Co-organizers: Urbanization transfer and key chemical parks in Shandong Province
Organizers: Shandong Wenbo Jinglue Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shandong Xinhuahua Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Concurrent exhibitions and activities
(I) Concurrent Exhibitions
CNC machine tool exhibition, industrial automation exhibition, industrial robot exhibition, power transmission and control technology exhibition, welding and cutting equipment exhibition, tube pump valve and instrumentation exhibition, chemical equipment exhibition
(II) Concurrent Forum
China (Shandong) Chemical Industry Park Construction and Development Conference
"National Industrial Environmental Governance Cases Collection" Press Conference and Forum
Establishment of Environmental Protection Special Committee of Shandong High-end Chemical Industry Promotion Association
Shandong Urban Water Supply and Drainage Development Forum
Exhibiting scope
1. Water environment exhibition area: water extraction, sewage / wastewater treatment, water source pollution treatment, sludge and residue treatment, heavy metal removal, material medicament, reclaimed water reuse, membrane and membrane module, oil-water separation equipment, centrifuge, pressure filter Complete sets of water treatment equipment such as generators, aerators, seawater desalination; water supply and drainage and pump pipe valves, sewer systems, sponge city technical equipment, rivers and lakes and black and odorous water body treatment and ecological restoration, rainwater collection and utilization, flood control, process control And automation;
2. Atmospheric governance exhibition area: industrial smoke / dust / exhaust gas recovery and treatment, dust control, flue gas dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, oil fume purification, VOCs treatment, harmful gas protection, industrial dust removal and cleaning, dust collection equipment (bag type) ) Dust removal, etc .; air purification and cleaning, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, photocatalyst / activated carbon, etc .;
3. Solid waste treatment exhibition area: garbage collection and transportation, waste treatment and recycling, detection / monitoring technology and products; waste resource utilization and power generation / biomass energy, hazardous waste treatment technology equipment, waste and old materials recycling and utilization, agricultural waste treatment ; Urban road cleaning / maintenance and smart sanitation, occupational safety and accident prevention, environmental emergency equipment, etc .;
4. Environmental monitoring exhibition area: water / air / soil measurement / analysis / control technology, on-line detection and control, radioactivity, noise, vibration, light, heat monitoring system; emergency monitoring system for environmental pollution, laboratory equipment;
5. Soil restoration exhibition area: site investigation and evaluation / remediation technology equipment / engineering operation and management / remediation process monitoring and services;
6. Comprehensive environmental management and other exhibition areas: air / water / solid waste / soil and other comprehensive urban and rural environmental management engineering technology and equipment; engineering companies, industrial parks, scientific research institutions, environmental management / assessment, environmental services, etc.
Fourth, audience range
1. Provincial government, Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Department of Eco-Environment, Provincial Transition Office leaders, people's governments of cities, counties (cities, districts), Ecological Environment Bureau, Industrial Information Bureau, Chemical Transfer Office, Water Affairs Bureau, Solid Waste Treatment Leaders of competent departments of the center, urban construction, municipal administration, and environmental monitoring, leaders of universities, relevant national societies, associations, expert research institutions, design institutes, media, etc .;
2. Chemical industry enterprises: domestic and foreign petrochemical, inorganic chemical, organic chemical, chemical fertilizer, synthetic materials, fine chemical, biomedical and other chemical production enterprises and chemical parks;
3. Manufacturing enterprises: metallurgy, general equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, machining casting, household appliance manufacturing, hardware equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and Equipment manufacturing, computer communication and other manufacturing enterprises;
4. Environmental protection engineering: third-party governance units, general contractors, integrators, agents, distributors, design and construction units;
5. Industrial and commercial users: real estate, municipal, urban construction, hospitals, schools, food, textiles, papermaking, printing, printing and dyeing, coatings, hotels, shopping malls, waterworks, sewage treatment plants and other owners.
V. Important environmental equipment exhibitions outside Beijing and Shanghai
(I) Large domestic environmental protection equipment application market
Shandong Province is a major chemical industry. The total economic volume of the chemical industry ranks first in the country for 26 consecutive years. It has more than 100 chemical industry parks and industrial concentration zones, and more than 8,000 chemical companies. Shandong is a major equipment manufacturing province. It has 12,000 high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size, ranking third in the country in terms of industrial scale. The huge chemical industry and manufacturing industry, while bringing stable employment and business taxes, have created huge pressures on environmental protection and industrial innovation, which provided exhibitors with excellent development opportunities for the Nuggets Shandong environmental protection governance market!
(2) Sponsored by the provincial government, one of the three domestic equipment manufacturing expositions !
China (Shandong) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo is a domestic key equipment manufacturing expo sponsored by the Shandong Provincial People's Government and the China Machinery Industry Federation. Strong support, high-standard exhibitions, close cooperation with nearly a hundred associations, plus 14 years of successful operation experience, advanced exhibition methods and ideas have led to the continuous expansion of the exhibition scale, and the number and quality of exhibitors and professional visitors have continued to improve .
(3) Linkage of related industries to create a 100,000-square-meter equipment manufacturing exhibition!
Large display area of 100,000 square meters, far larger than similar exhibitions! The joint assistance of the seven major manufacturing exhibition areas has brought incomparable advantages of resource sharing for buyers. 100,000 professional visitors from the fields of chemical industry, environmental protection and manufacturing have escorted the participation effect!
(IV) Strength to build a supply and demand fair and warm up the trading market in 2020!
The organizer will hold several supply and demand negotiations. Through face-to-face visits, phone calls, emails, and WeChat to understand the purchasing needs of large buyers in the industry, we will develop personalized exhibition plans and matchmaking services before, during, and after the exhibition. Especially during the exhibition, there are mainly three types of matching services based on buyer demand: 1. Special buyers' special recommendation meeting; 2. One-to-one matching; 3. Big buyer procurement negotiation meeting.
(5) Comprehensive upgrade of services and 360 ° marketing plan!
600,000 potential visitors at home and abroad, 80,000 high-quality buyer recommendations, 1-to-1 customized exhibition plans, 1-to-1 customized buyers invitations to H5 and WeChat platform push, friend circle ads bring more exposure opportunities for customers, 100+ Visitor organization channels, 200+ online referral channels, 100+ sales lead express, 300+ media promotion at home and abroad.
Cooperative media
Mass Media: Shandong Radio and TV Station, Sina, Tencent, Netease, Sohu, Phoenix, Today's Headline, Poster News, Public Network, Xinhuanet, Qilu.com, Shandong Business Daily, People's Network, Qilu Evening News, Shun.com, Jinan.com, Jinan Broadcasting TV station, Jinan Times, Jinan News Network, Jinan Full Search, Yidian News
Professional media: Environmental Protection Online , Polaris Water Treatment, Polaris Environmental Testing, Polaris Environmental Protection Network, Industrial Water Treatment, China Chemical Manufacturing Network, China Chemical Network, China Chemical Machinery Equipment Network, China Waste Gas Treatment Network, Environmental Quality and Testing Network, China Energy Conservation 50 professional media such as online and low-carbon industrial network
Visit / Organization Policy
1. More than 4 professional buyers / spectators (including) can enjoy the pick-up service from the Organizing Committee Railway Station and West Passenger Station;
2. For key industry clusters / user bases, the organizing committee will arrange shuttle buses;
3. The organizing committee has implemented the buyer subsidy policy for 7 consecutive years, bringing a shuttle bus (technical, production, purchasing and other departments related personnel, the number is not less than 25 people) to the companies or organizations that will visit the procurement and give 500-2000 yuan And other fuel subsidies (subsidies can be collected on site).

Contact Information of the Organizing Committee
2020IEME Shandong Equipment Expo Organizing Committee
China (Shandong) International Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition Organizing Committee
Shandong Wenbo Jinglue Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd./Shandong Xinhuahua Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Contact: Wang Shouyong18364122092: www.chinaieme.com
Organizing Committee Address: Block G, North District, University Science and Technology Park, High-tech Zone, Jinan City
Collection Form of "National Industrial Environmental Governance Cases Collection"
Completion Instructions:
1. "Compilation of National Industrial Environmental Governance Cases" is a special exhibition magazine for this exhibition. It is issued 10,000 copies, which will be distributed to exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition and after the exhibition to chemical industry parks and related enterprises and government units in the province.
2. Please send a printed copy of the solicitation form, WORD, and 1-2 project case pictures to the email of 834096906@qq.com.
3. Exhibitors above 36 square meters of special decoration can publish 2 cases for free, standard booth enterprises can publish 1 case, and the non-exhibitor publication fee is 5,000 yuan.
4. Deadline for case collection: January 25, 2020

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