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Your present location: Environmental Protection Online > Industry Exhibitions > 2020 Prevention of Global Warming Exhibition

Until the end of the exhibition day
Development time:
Exhibition venues:
Shanghai International Purchasing Convention Center
End Time:
Exhibition official website:
2020 Global Warming Prevention Exhibition
Exhibition theme: Technology Innovation-High Quality Development Technology-Building a Green Earth Together
Guidance unit: China Energy Conservation Association
Organizer: China Energy Conservation Association Carbon Trading Industry Alliance
Supporters: China Institute of Standardization, Resource and Environment Research Branch, China Quality Certification Center, Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange
Organizer: Shengsheng Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Global climate change is a severe challenge facing the world today, which profoundly affects the survival and development of human beings. At the same time, climate change has brought huge challenges to China, and it has also brought new development opportunities to China. In recent years, China's relevant functional departments have vigorously promoted energy conservation and emission reductions, and issued a series of policies to address climate change. They have accelerated the establishment of energy use, emission rights and carbon emissions trading markets, established long-term mechanisms for energy conservation and emission reduction, and prevented global warming. He has made great contributions and promoted major progress in related industries and technology. In response to the government's call, further display and exchange of new coping strategies, science and technology and related equipment to prevent global warming, and promote the transformation of related scientific and technological achievements, sponsored by the China Energy Conservation Association Carbon Trading Industry Alliance, and organized by Shengsheng Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. With the support of a number of related industry organizations, the “2020 Exhibition for Preventing Global Warming” (EWPE2020) will be held on April 26-28, 2020 at the Shanghai International Purchasing Convention and Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, several related technology exchange forums will be held in the same period. . CMHEEXPO-2020 will become a supply and demand platform to showcase the world's global warming and prevent the industry's cutting-edge technology, to achieve information communication, technology exchange and product negotiation.
Audience group
Professional audiences include: emission control, voluntary emission reduction companies, verification, certification agencies, financial institutions, carbon asset service consulting agencies, government affairs bureaus at all levels, government energy-saving product procurement departments, scientific research institutes, electricity, chemicals, Mining, metals, steel, non-metal resource processing, metallurgy, petrochemicals, coal, food, pharmaceuticals, building materials, real estate development, urban construction, municipal administration, gardens, light industry, airports, ports, stations, hospitals, large shopping malls, schools, banks , Person in charge of related departments such as energy management, equipment procurement, operation and maintenance of public utilities such as arts and cultural venues, government affairs centers and related enterprises and institutions.
Exhibition Features
Domestic exhibitions aimed at preventing global warming;
The international exhibition city of Shanghai, based on the international city of Shanghai, radiates the world;
The government and industry associations fully support the establishment of a global warming and demonstration effect of global warming to prevent production and demand supply and marketing platforms;
Create a housekeeping service, 10,000 square meters of display, 20,000+ buyers effective market docking, several professional visiting delegations with more than 100 people;
Media escort, integrated display of technological achievements and brand building
Focus on the cutting edge
Capturing different types of professional audiences and high-potential buyers with strong data accumulation and market awareness;
Star effect, show with the same industry leaders at home and abroad, and discuss technology;
Gather industry elites, grasp market trends, and capture global business opportunities;
The global media went straight to the scene and reported in detail.
All Media Report
CCTV, Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, Phoenix and other nationally renowned online media and various carbon trading energy saving industry websites track the entire process, a strong network cluster, building an online exhibition that will never end, one exhibition, long service.
EWPE-2020-Show scope
I. Climate change technology exhibition area : Global warming mitigation devices and methods, artificial haze removal technology equipment, carbon asset management companies under large-scale emission control companies, forestry carbon sink companies under large forest farms, carbon emission reduction project development, carbon asset management Investigation, carbon neutrality, carbon training, carbon verification, energy use verification, CO2 emission / reduction calculation system, emission trading support services, carbon offset, CO2 consultant management system, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), carbon finance, carbon Third-party audit services such as emission repurchase, preparation of greenhouse gas emission inventory, and voluntary verification of greenhouse gas emission reduction.
2. Related detection / monitoring instruments : gas analyzer, gas analysis system, portable greenhouse gas analyzer (CH4, CO2, H2O), portable soil, water body greenhouse gas monitor gas chromatography technology, Fourier transform spectroscopy technology, tunable Semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy technology, non-dispersive infrared detection technology, gas chromatograph, greenhouse gas online gas chromatograph, infrared CO / CO2 gas analyzer, flue gas analyzer, greenhouse gas flux online observation system, etc.
3. Techniques against strong heat : pavement methods / materials / pavement / heat island countermeasures, heat insulation / insulation (paint, sheet, window coating, window film, heat insulation method, heat insulation material), cooling mist, drink water and salt Supplementary products, air-conditioning clothing, cooling fibers, sun visors, heatstroke index measuring devices, air coolers, air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.
New and renewable energy : solar power, solar water heaters, solar furnaces, solar thermal power, lighting systems, solar street lights, small hydropower, ocean current power, wave power, tidal power, temperature difference power, wind power, geothermal power, Use of geothermal, use of hydrothermal fluid, ice and snow and air heating, bioethanol related, biodiesel related, woody biomass related (wood, firewood, charcoal, pellets), woody biomass power generation, wood pellet furnace, biogas related, biogas power generation, biogas Material boilers, biofuels (palm, jatropha, etc.), manure fuels, smart grid related (batteries, smart meters, BEMS / FEMS / HEMS / Smart House), hydrogen fuel cells, binary power generation, energy management equipment and systems, electric Automotive, electric motorcycle, environmental infrastructure business, corporate public relations / distributed power generation business public relations, waste treatment and recycling companies.
V. Energy saving and emission reduction : Energy saving / energy saving system support company, energy saving diagnosis, ESCO, environmental greening (roof greening, wall greening, parking lot, etc.), control / measurement (visualization), air conditioning and heat pump, lighting (LED, etc.), Use of rainwater and reclaimed water, water-saving systems, fuel improvement systems, energy-saving manufacturing, energy-saving integration, related agencies, waste treatment and recycling companies, corporate energy-saving solutions, energy-use diagnosis, energy-saving project design, financing, transformation (construction, (Equipment installation, commissioning), blockchain energy trading, operation management, contract energy management, smart energy management, online energy consumption monitoring system, monitoring equipment platform, etc.
6. Financial institutions, research institutes and supporting services : banks, insurance companies, investment companies, securities, fund management companies, leasing companies, guarantees, futures, trusts, research institutes, energy review institutions, training institutions, accounting firms, Energy management certification bodies, cleaner production certification bodies, product certification bodies, industrial energy conservation and green development assessment agencies, energy conservation renovation projects, investment and financing institutions and other comprehensive energy service research institutions, including information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy development, Agricultural technology and other fields. Highlight the National 863 Plan, 973 Plan, National Science and Technology Support Project, National Key Laboratory Projects and achievements completed and undertaken by scientific research institutions.
7. Smart Internet of Things : IoT integration applications, IoT cloud platform, pan-IoT platform construction and operation, smart energy management platform, energy consumption online monitoring system, biometric technology and products, wireless module, wireless local area network, ZigBee wireless technology , Wireless network analysis, process control technology, positioning monitoring, navigation services, real-time monitoring, network integration, multifunctional integration, sensor network nodes, network architecture and data processing, integrated wiring technology, network and information security, security prevention technology, automatic Control technology, car networking, mobile internet, etc.
Low-carbon parks : show new ideas and models for low-carbon economic development in low-carbon cities and low-carbon parks, advanced experience in carbon market construction, low-carbon transportation, infrastructure construction and planning.
Nine, green manufacturing : energy-saving boilers, industrial furnaces and heating network energy-saving technologies and equipment, energy-saving motors and automation control system technologies and equipment, air compressors, waste heat and pressure recovery technology and equipment, energy-saving heat pump technology and equipment, power generation and Energy-saving technologies and equipment for power transmission and distribution systems, heat-treatment technologies and equipment such as energy-saving heat exchange.
To book the "EWPE-2020" booth and learn more, please contact us via:
Shengsheng Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Contact: Cai Sen 18701903309
Landline: 021-54375929
Online qq: 1696885933
Email: sen.cai@minshengexpo.com
Website: www.ew-pe.com

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