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Your present location: Environmental Protection Online > Industry Exhibitions > 2020 The Third China (Nanchang) International Water Construction Expo

Until the end of the exhibition day
Development time:
Exhibition venues:
Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center
End Time:
Exhibition official website:
2020 The 3rd China (Nanchang) International Water Construction Expo
2020 The 3rd China (Nanchang) International Water Construction Expo
2020 Third China (Nanchang) International Water Construction Expo
Concurrent activities:
China (Nanchang) International Smart Water, Water Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Exhibition
China (Nanchang) Water Conservancy Informatization and Digital Water Technology Equipment Exhibition
China (Nanchang) Water Treatment, Water Supply and Drainage Pump Pipe Valve New Technology and Equipment Exhibition
China (Nanchang) International Water Environment, Drinking Water, Water Purification Equipment Exhibition
China (Nanchang) Sponge City Construction Exhibition & Forum
Conference slogan: Show smart water technology and create "China's Water City Pearl Lake"
Conference theme: New Normal of Internet + Water Industry-New Challenges, New Opportunities!
Time: March 20-22, 2020 Venue: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center
2020 exhibition scale is expected to 20,000 square meters, more than 500 exhibitors, more than 30,000 visitors
[Overseas Supporting Unit] (to be invited):
World Water Works Association WPC, International Water Association IWA, American Water Quality Association WQA, International Ultraviolet Association IUVA, International Ozone Association IOA, Dutch Water Business Alliance
[Guiding Agency]: Ministry of Water Resources, Yangtze River Water Resources Commission, Ministry of Water Resources
[Approved by]: Jiangxi Provincial Department of Water Resources
[Organizer]: Jiangxi Aquatic Products Industry Association
[Guiding Unit]: Jiangxi Provincial Department of Water Resources, Jiangxi Provincial Health and Health Committee, Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Hydrology, Jiangxi Provincial Water Conservancy Investment Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Provincial Water Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Provincial Urban Construction Management Association Water Supply Professional Committee, Jiangxi Provincial Wastewater Specialty Committee Nanchang Water Industry Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Province Municipalities and County Water Affairs, Water Resources Bureau / Water Affairs Group Corporation
[Supporting units]: Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Nanchang Convention and Exhibition Management Office, Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association of the six central provinces, Wuhan Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Changsha Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Hefei Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Zhengzhou Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Taiyuan Municipal Water Affairs Bureau
[Co-organizer]: Nanchang Yongxin Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.
[Contractor]: Nanchang Shuangyi Culture Media Co., Ltd.
[Supporting Media]:
"China Water World", "Water Treatment Technology", "Huicong Commercial Ad", "Resources and Environment", "Water Purification Technology", "China Water Supply and Drainage", "Wuhan Water Supply and Drainage Pipeline Technology" Pump Valve Trading Network China IC Card Water Meter Network International Water Industry Net Water Network Modern Pipe Industry China Water Purification Network IoT China Network, Guteng Environmental Protection People's Network, China Town Water Network, China IC Card Water Meter Network, China Manufacturing Trading Network China Water Treatment Technology Promotion Network, China Environmental Protection Network, Water Network Forum, China Water Treatment Equipment Net, China Water Industry Net, Focus Water Net, China Jiangxi Net, Phoenix Jiangxi, Sina Jiangxi, Jiangxi Daily, Nanchang Daily, Jiangxi Morning Post, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily, Jiangxi Mobile Phone, Jiangxi Radio and TV Station, Dajiang Net, Netease , Nanchang same city and other media inside and outside the province.
I. Market background:
In recent years, the concepts of Internet +, cloud computing, and big data have continued to improve, providing favorable conditions for the creation of smart cities. At the same time, in order to ensure water safety and save limited resources, the traditional water industry is constantly exploring the construction of smart water affairs to achieve smart production, smart management, smart service and smart management and control. However, the construction of smart water is still in the early stages of exploration in China, and standards and top-level design issues have not yet been resolved. How to implement smart water is from intelligence to wisdom (bottom-up), or from the top-level design to the implementation of each system step by step ( From top to bottom), or a combination of the two, there are many issues that need to be studied and explored.
Market opportunities:
During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the water market is expected to reach a market size of 10 trillion yuan!
During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, under the vigorous promotion of national policies, the environmental protection industry has entered a rapid development track. As an important part of the environmental protection industry, the water market has also ushered in the golden period of historical development. A large number of well-known water companies have emerged in the industry, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the industry. According to the "Forecasting and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report of the Chinese Water Industry Industry" by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the water market capacity will continue to expand, and the industry is expected to reach a market scale of 10 trillion. Enterprises are rare development opportunities, and in the next few years, more powerful environmental protection companies will be born in China.
According to the "State Council's Notice on Printing and Distributing Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control" and the actual situation in Jiangxi Province, the provincial government has formulated the overall goal of the Jiangxi Provincial Water Pollution Prevention Work Plan by 2020. The level continued to improve, and the ecological environment of the "Five Rivers" and Poyang Lake improved steadily. A total of 14.08 million rural populations had a safe drinking water problem, 7297 sick and dangerous reservoirs were removed and strengthened, and 396 small and medium-sized river treatment projects were basically completed, and the whole province was covered by the construction of key small farmers' water counties nationwide. By 2030, the province's water environment quality will remain stable, water ecosystem functions will continue to improve, and the province's water ecosystem will achieve a virtuous cycle. "
On the other hand, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Jiangxi Province will build the Luxikou Water Conservancy Hub, promote the preliminary work of Guixi Huaqiao and other large reservoirs, build Sifangjing Reservoir, 15 medium-sized reservoirs, and 100 small reservoirs. By 2020, the province will increase its water supply capacity by 2 billion cubic meters, and increase and restore the effective irrigation area of 4 million mu of farmland. New challenges under the new normal require deepening reforms in key areas of water conservancy, supporting major water conservancy projects, and continuing to increase investment in water conservancy. It is estimated that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, water conservancy investment in Jiangxi will exceed 100 billion yuan.
Against the background of the above-mentioned multiple development opportunities, the water market in Jiangxi Province will certainly become the focus of attention of domestic and foreign enterprises.
The 2020 China (Nanchang) Smart Water Affairs, Water Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Exhibition and Exchange Seminar was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Water Resources; Jiangxi Provincial Water Products Industry Association, Jiangxi Provincial Urban Construction Management Association Water Supply Professional Committee, Jiangxi Provincial Water Affairs Group Co., Ltd., Nanchang Shuangyi Culture Media Co., Ltd., Nanchang Yongxin Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. and other units jointly organized! The conference will be held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center from March 20th to 22nd, 2020! The conference is held concurrently: China (Nanchang) International Smart Waterworks, Water Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Exhibition, China (Nanchang) Water Informationization and Digital Water Technology Equipment Exhibition, China (Nanchang) Water Treatment, Water Supply and Drainage Pump Pipe Valve New Technology and Equipment Exhibition, China (Nanchang) International Water Environment, Drinking Water, Water Purification Equipment Exhibition, China (Nanchang) Sponge City Construction Exhibition and Forum. Conference theme: Under the new normal of Internet + water industry-new challenges and new opportunities! The exhibition covers smart water affairs, smart water conservancy information technology and solutions, builds a water industry information exchange platform, and helps domestic and foreign companies to develop emerging markets! The scale of the conference is expected to be 20,000 square meters, with more than 500 exhibitors and more than 30,000 professional visitors. For this purpose, the organizing committee of the conference specially invited your company to come to Jiangxi to participate in the exhibition and visit to discuss the development plan of the water industry!
[Promotion Strategy]:
(1) Posting exhibition information on People's Daily, China Jiangxi.com, Phoenix Jiangxi, Sina Jiangxi, Jiangxi Daily, Nanchang Daily, Jiangxi Morning Post, Jiangnan Metropolis Daily, Jiangxi Mobile Phone News, Jiangxi Radio and TV Station, and Mass Media;
(2) In more than 100 media such as professional magazines, "China Water World", "Water Treatment Technology", "Huicong Commercial Advertising", "Resources and Environment", "Water Purification Technology", "China Water Supply and Drainage" portals, etc. Promotion
(3) Open an exhibition website, which includes exhibition summary, exhibitor profile, exhibitor advertisements, etc., to create an exhibition that will never end; use the huge database resources accumulated by the organizer to mail invitations, send electronic invitations, telephones, etc. to invite professional visitors;
(4) The organizer issues notification documents for visiting the exhibition, and notifies each member unit to visit the meeting by mail, phone, or mail.
[Target audience]:
(1) This year's exhibition will welcome high-quality professional visitors. Groups from related industry associations will visit the exhibition site to discuss and lay a solid foundation for the exhibition's exhibition results.
Relevant persons in charge of the provincial water affairs groups, waterworks, and sewage treatment plants are invited to attend this conference to exchange and purchase.
(2) Organizing petroleum, chemical, natural gas, petrochemical, steel, metallurgy, oil refining, hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, mining, etc .; plastics, metals, rubber, electronics, national defense, automobile and machinery manufacturing, electroplating, cement, power plants, etc. ; Biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, hotels, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking, food and beverage, brewing, light industry, waste treatment plants, etc .; real estate, construction and fire engineering, new energy, new materials, HVAC, colleges, hospitals, laboratories; Process industry and design, construction, construction and installation, bidding, oil and gas pipelines, energy, etc .; design institutes, construction units, installation units, bidding units, construction units, etc .; provinces, municipal environmental protection departments, construction (urban construction) bureaus, city appearance and environmental departments , Garden bureau, etc .; dealers, agents, traders, real estate developers, financial institutions, research institutions, ecological protection organizations, import and export companies, trading companies, foreign trade units and manufacturers, etc. Three-day exhibition professional visitors The number of people will exceed 30,000.
4. [Exhibition Scope]:
(I) Exhibition Area of Smart Water Affairs:
Smart Water Industry Solution: Cloud Solution: Terminal Equipment, Communication Equipment, Application Software, Cloud Computing Technology:
(2) Twelfth Five-Year Water Project Achievement Exhibition Area: The exhibition and promotion activities of water project achievements in central provinces and cities.
(3) Exhibition area for construction of smart waterworks, water plants and sewage treatment plants:
Smart Water, Smart Water Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Exhibition and Seminar Contents:
Smart Water Industry Solution: Cloud Solution: Terminal Equipment, Communication Equipment, Application Software, Cloud Computing Technology:
Water affairs remote monitoring management system, water production operation management system, water management management system, water equipment asset management system,
Water affairs office OA management system, water safety production management system, water operation assessment management system, water affairs comprehensive operation management system
Water supply informationization solution, general tap water business management system, water and electricity remote transmission and collection information management system, 3d之家paper installation information management system, water supply production monitoring and control information system, customer service hotline system
Water treatment, water supply and drainage new technology and equipment exhibition scope:
1. Water treatment technology and equipment, industrial water and urban water treatment technology and equipment, reclaimed water treatment, new water recycling technology, industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage treatment technology and equipment, wastewater resource application technology and equipment, new urban festivals Water appliances, applicable technologies and products, automatic control of water treatment systems, urban flood control and disaster prevention technologies and equipment, water quality analysis instruments, water treatment chemicals, materials and ancillary equipment, cutting-edge technologies and equipment for seawater desalination
2.Technical equipment for water supply and drainage pipe network systems, metal and non-metal pipes, fittings, pipes, joints, water tanks and accessories, various pumps, valves, shock absorbers, metering and billing management technology for water meter testing equipment, earthquake-proof materials And technology, urban water supply and drainage technology and equipment, high-rise supercharging automatic water supply equipment, cooling tower equipment.
3. Membrane and membrane separation technology equipment, membrane and membrane module, manufacturing technology and equipment for membrane and membrane module, complete set of membrane raw material and auxiliary equipment, membrane separation equipment engineering, membrane separation equipment related technologies, materials Test equipment.
4.Water purification materials, equipment and equipment, distilled water, pure water, high-purity water technology and equipment, purified water, mineral water manufacturing, filling, disinfection equipment and pharmaceuticals, household, office, commercial, industrial water purifiers, Water softener, water purification equipment and equipment
5. Smart sponge city equipment: rainwater collection module, rainwater storage tank, rainwater treatment and rainwater reuse, stainless steel water tank, ultraviolet sterilizer, precision filter, automatic filtering device, rainwater storage module, rainwater medicating device, rainwater discard Devices, rain and sewage diversion devices, rainwater storage facilities flushing equipment, aeration devices, PP rainwater collection ponds, inspection wells, siphons, impermeable membranes, geotextiles, drainage boards, disinfection treatment, drainage pipe network systems, pumps, valves Component sets, instruments, and products, materials, and equipment related to sponge city construction.
6.New technologies and equipment for sludge treatment
▲ Research and consulting institutions: environmental protection, water and national pavilions: national and international pavilions, environmental protection companies, water companies, water supply and water management, and others.
(4) 2020 "World Water Day" and "China Water Week" publicity exhibition area:
In order to effectively carry out the concentrated publicity work of "World Water Day" and "China Water Week", a special publicity exhibition area was set up to set up a booth to produce publicity pictures and develop exhibitions. At the same time, a large number of publicity materials such as the theme of publicity slogans were distributed for free.
(5) China (Nanchang) Smart Water Construction and Development Summit Forum
Time: 10: 00-15: 30, March 20
Venue: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center (Number: 500)
Contents of the forum: The meeting invited well-known experts in the field of smart water affairs to comprehensively interpret the current domestic new regulations and policy trends, pipe network dispatching efficiency, digitalization, intelligentization, and standardization of water management operations, aiming to share informationization in water affairs The application example of this paper makes a deep discussion on the combination of the two informatization of water affairs. The conference will invite representatives of water enterprises, planning institutes, design institutes, research institutes, product suppliers and government departments to attend the meeting.
(VI) China (Nanchang) Smart Water Affairs, Water Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Seminar
Time: 10: 00-15: 30, March 20
Venue: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center (Number: 200)
The content of the seminar centered on the smart construction reform and development strategy of the six provinces of water, water plants, and sewage treatment plants, standardized water supply management of water plants, water purification technology and water quality standards, water supply facilities reconstruction and construction and operation management, sewage treatment and sludge treatment Disposal, drainage, flood prevention and drainage network reconstruction, comprehensive water saving and leakage control, smart water affairs construction and operation management, water system planning and water landscape design, water source protection and aquatic ecological restoration, non-traditional water resources utilization, and smart water affairs Related topics will be discussed and exchanged.
V. [Exhibition Fee]:
◇ Standard booth: 3m × 3m Standard booth: 7800 yuan / piece
◇ Interior decoration booth: (from 36㎡ for rent, open space): 800 yuan / ㎡;
Note: 1. The standard booth is equipped with three-sided enclosures, one negotiation table, two folding chairs, two fluorescent lamps, the company's Chinese and English 楣 outer panels, and a 22V power socket.
2. The open space booth does not contain any facilities. Exhibitors need to design and decorate it by themselves. The organizing committee will charge a special installation management fee of 20 yuan per square meter.
6. [Exhibition Advertising]:
Note: The size of the conference catalogue is 210mm × 285mm. The content is provided by the exhibitor to the organizer.
7. [Exhibition Procedure]:
Companies exhibiting before February 1, 2020, enjoy all the following three value-added services for free:
1. The exhibition website provides synchronous promotion and follow-up reports for your organization.
2. Enjoy some of the purchasing information provided by the specially invited buyer group.
3. Enjoy the advertising and publicity services of the conference 3d之家letter.
8. [Application Procedure]
1. Exhibitors should fill out the "Exhibition Contract Form" in detail and stamp it with the official seal, and mail or fax it to the organizing committee;
2. After registration, the exhibitors must remit the relevant fees to the account designated by the organizing committee within 3 days; the booth confirmation will be received after the organizing committee receives the payment;
3. The booth arrangement is based on the principle of "register first, pay first, and arrange first". The organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths;
4. For the accommodation and transportation of exhibits, the organizing committee will make another notice one month before the meeting.
Nine, [Contact Information of the Organizing Committee]:
Address: 706, Building A, Wuyue, Xincheng, High-tech Zone, Nanchang
Contact: Luo Ming
Phone: 13207918583
Email: 403857715@qq.com
Website: http://www.china-jxncwaterexpo.com/

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