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China · Shaoxing Keqiao Exhibition Center
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2020 China (Shaoxing) Industrial Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition
2020 China (Shaoxing) Industrial Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition
Held concurrently: 2020 China Shaoxing Water Environment Conference
March 16-18, 2020
China · Shaoxing Keqiao Exhibition Center
Directed by
Shaoxing Municipal People's Government, Chenfeng (Beijing) International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Invitation unit
Zhejiang Urban Environment Association, China Healthy Drinking Water Commission, China Water Purification Equipment Professional Committee, Bama Institute of Water Science and Culture, China Water Purification Industry Dealers Association, China Water Purification Association, Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau, Shaoxing Environmental Protection Industry Association, National Water Purification Industry Association, World Chinese Entrepreneurs Investment Promotion Association, China Circular Economy Research Association, Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences
Chenfeng (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
■ Yangtze River Delta Environmental Protection Industry Event
Data show that the average annual growth rate of China's environmental protection industry is more than 18%, and the growth rate of environmental service industry is as high as 30%. Moreover, 60% of the demand for environmental drainage treatment has not yet been tapped by the market. It is estimated that by 2020, the output value of the environmental protection industry will reach 3.7 trillion, and the operating income of the environmental service industry will reach 1.3 trillion. Therefore, in terms of market space, with the continuous release of governance needs, China's environmental protection industry market will soon overtake the United States and become the world's larger industrial market.
Shaoxing, as an important city in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, a core city around the Hangzhou Bay Greater Bay Area, and a sub-central city in the Hangzhou metropolitan area, is one of China's 30 innovative cities. In 2018, the Shaoxing Municipal Government formally issued the "Three-year Action Plan for the Cultivation and Development of New Industries in Shaoxing City (2017-2020)." New platforms, including electronic information, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection, light industry, and textile industries are developing steadily.
Such a large industrial cluster has a large demand for environmental protection equipment. To this end, Chenfeng (Beijing) International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. led the 2020 China Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition on March 18th to 18th. The theme of "Smart Industrial Cleaner Production" is to promote the mutual exchange and exchange of information between supply and demand. At that time, it will showcase the current international advanced technological facilities. All relevant companies are welcome to participate and build a professional communication stage in the Yangtze River Delta factory facilities.
■ Special Forum
1. Shaoxing Smart Environmental Protection Summit Forum
2. China Water Environment Technology Innovation and Development Summit Forum; Innovation 2020: Signing ceremony for key energy-saving and environmental protection projects for a greener and healthier future; China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, New Energy Project Docking Conference;
3. Case sharing meeting on integrated environmental management projects
4. Upstream and downstream matchmaking sessions in the environmental protection industry chain
5. Hot events of environmental protection technology and equipment new product launch conference
■ Exhibition scope
▲ Water and sewage treatment exhibition area
Water and sewage treatment: mechanical and physical treatment process, separation system, stirring harrow, sieve filter, filter;
Water treatment equipment and membranes: membranes and membrane modules, drinking water / terminal water purification, industrial / process water, sewage treatment equipment, reclaimed water recycling, seawater desalination and utilization;
Water supply / drainage and sewer (pump valve): water supply equipment, pumps and lifting systems, pipes / pipes, valves / accessories, ventilation shafts / structures / technology, new sewer construction, modernization of sewer systems, sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, sewers Leak investigation, water pipeline cleaning;
Rainwater collection and utilization / flood control: rainwater collection storage tanks and accessories, rainwater overflow tanks, rainwater storage tanks, rainwater sedimentation tanks, rainwater storage tank cleaning systems, irrigation and drainage machinery, and disaster prevention and relief equipment;
▲ Atmospheric governance technology and equipment exhibition area
Air / exhaust gas purification equipment, ammonia and dust removal technology, desulfurization technology, harmful gas protection, industrial dust removal and cleaning, motor vehicle exhaust gas treatment, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, photocatalyst, activated carbon, dust collection equipment / electrostatic dust removal / bag dust removal, etc. ;
Desulfurization technology and equipment: dry and semi-dry desulfurization technology and equipment; wet desulfurization technology and equipment; seawater desulfurization technology and equipment; ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer method (PAFP method), electron beam method technology and equipment; coal-fired boiler chemistry Desulfurization technology and equipment; metallurgical ore, catalytic cracking desulfurization technology and equipment; chemical refinery gas desulfurization technology and equipment, natural gas desulfurization, petroleum, diesel, kerosene and other oil products;
Denitration technology and equipment: Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitration technology and equipment, selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) denitration technology and equipment, adsorption denitration technology and equipment, plasma activation denitration technology and equipment, biochemical denitration Technology and equipment, air staged combustion denitration technology and equipment, furnace reduction (IFNR) denitration technology and equipment;
Auxiliary technologies and equipment for desulfurization and denitrification: circulating fluidized bed equipment, separators, agitators, heat exchangers, various nozzles, pumps, valves, pipes and pipe fittings, actuators, anticorrosive coatings, anticorrosive materials and equipment, linings and outer Coatings, desulfurization agents, denitration agents; control systems for desulfurization and denitration and related software;
Dust removal technology and equipment: mechanical dust removal technology and equipment, electrostatic dust removal technology and equipment (ESP), bag dust removal technology and equipment, wet dust removal technology and equipment, air filtration technology and equipment;
Exhaust gas purification equipment: industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment, oil fume purification equipment, acid mist purifiers, exhaust gas treatment equipment, plasma deodorization equipment, plasma malodor treatment, exhaust gas adsorption equipment, organic exhaust gas treatment, welding smoke purification, dust exhaust gas treatment, acid and alkali exhaust gas treatment , Odor exhaust gas treatment, paint mist purification, dehumidifier, malodorous gas, harmful toxic gas purification equipment, etc .;
Exhaust gas treatment solutions, complete equipment for exhaust gas treatment engineering, etc .;
Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) treatment technology and equipment;
Dust and smoke monitoring and testing equipment;
Treatment of motor vehicle exhaust;
Waste gas recovery and utilization devices and technologies;
▲ Soil remediation and solid waste comprehensive utilization technology and equipment exhibition area
Soil and groundwater remediation technologies and equipment: soil and groundwater collection, risk assessment of contaminated sites, farmland pollution remediation, remediation of petrochemical organic pollution sites, remediation of heavy metal contaminated sites such as smelting mines, complex pollution site remediation, groundwater pollution remediation, etc
Waste treatment and classification facilities: waste treatment / recycling, incineration and heat treatment (energy recovery and disposal-construction, operation, optimization, maintenance) biological treatment, compost, landfill, general industrial waste treatment and disposal, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, agricultural waste Investors who deal with equipment and technologies such as sewage and odor gas treatment in the treatment and disposal of animal carcasses, and investment and financing institutions in the sanitation and solid waste industries, adopt BOT, BT, TOT and other methods for waste disposal and construction operation management;
Waste treatment technology and equipment: municipal solid waste treatment equipment, kitchen waste treatment equipment, construction waste and medical waste treatment equipment, commercial / domestic waste and processors, construction waste recycling, waste rubber tires / plastics treatment technology and recycling Equipment, waste cars / electronic products, recycling, dismantling and reuse, waste oil, sewage / waste liquid treatment and regeneration technology, waste glass recycling, processing and utilization;
Technology for comprehensive utilization of resources such as waste power generation;
▲ Environmental monitoring instruments and equipment exhibition area
Continuous automatic monitoring system for environmental water quality; · Automatic online monitoring system for waste water; · Continuous automatic monitoring system for ambient air; · Automatic online monitoring system for exhaust gas;
Radioactivity, noise, vibration, light, heat measuring instrument and continuous automatic monitoring system; laboratory analysis equipment; environmental pollution accident emergency and portable monitoring equipment; special equipment for sampling and monitoring water pollutants; gas pollutants Special instruments and equipment for sampling and monitoring; data processing and transmission and other special monitoring instruments and equipment; experimental materials such as standard substances, chemical reagents and glassware used for monitoring and analysis;
『Target audience』
Urban end users: government departments, water supply companies, water companies, water treatment contractors, architectural design institutes, real estate developers, municipal engineering companies, municipal sewage treatment plants, prefectural environmental protection bureaus, building environmental design institutes, water treatment associations, Zhejiang Environmental Impact Assessment Technical Supervision Department;
Industrial end users: textile manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, iron and steel, metallurgy, electroplating industries, relevant departments of heavy metal wastewater and waste liquids, printing and dyeing, paper industry, organic pollution, suspended solids, chroma, alkaline and other water quality related departments, petroleum, chemical , Coal industry, physical and chemical, biochemical, and advanced processing departments;
Distributors: Industrial water treatment equipment distributors, industrial equipment distributors, industrial cleaning equipment distributors, etc.
■ Booth Fee: (10% of booth fee will be charged for double-sided open booths)
Exhibiting project specifications and requirements
Standard booth (9m2) 3m ╳ 3m 8800 yuan / piece 10800 yuan / piece 2600 USD / piece
Luxury booth (9m2) 3m ╳ 3m 10800 yuan / piece 12800 yuan / piece 3,500 USD / piece
Non-standard booth (12m2) 3m ╳ 4m 12800 yuan / m2 15800 yuan / m2 260 USD / m2
Indoor vacant lot starting at 880 yuan / m2 1080 yuan / m2 260 USD / m2
The standard booth configuration includes three wall panels, two spotlights, a consulting table, two chairs, a carpet, a 220V AC power socket, and a Chinese and English fascia board. Indoor bare space booth without any configuration: (requires starting from 36㎡).
■ Advertisement
Cover 30,000 yuan Cover two back three thousand yuan 12,000 title page 10,000 yuan black and white page 3,000 yuan
Back cover 25,000 yuan color pages Cross edition 15,000 yuan color pages 6000 yuan 500
■ On-site advertising
Arch 12000 / Expo site balloon 3,000 / Group tickets 5000 Yuan / 10,000 tickets
Visitor card 85,000 yuan / 10,000 tote bags 5,000 yuan / 1,000 etiquette ladies 300 / person / day
Road flag CNY 500 / face flower basket 200 / exhibition background board 18000
Invitation Sponsors:
The conference sincerely invites companies to join the co-sponsorship unit by name and jointly create a product strategy. There are three levels of co-sponsored sponsorships of 150,000, 100,000 and 80,000, and the sponsors provide full-scale publicity solutions. (Co-sponsored and sponsored programs available on request)
■ Product introduction meeting ∕ Technical seminar: a conference room with a capacity of 100 people, CNY 20000/20 minutes / per session, for the venue and related equipment rental (including seminar venues, audio projection equipment, lamps, tables and chairs, tea and other ancillary equipment And supplies, and assisting the presenter in organizing audiences).
Booking-Booth: If you are interested in booking a booth at the conference, please submit your contact details to the contact person below so that our sales team can contact you. (Invite my colleagues in the industry to sign up for the exhibition, and are now accepting applications. Please contact the organizing committee to request an exhibition application form and a floor plan!)
■ Contact of the Organizing Committee
Chenfeng (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 409, 6A Poly Dahui, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Li Lin: 18510067031 (same as WeChat)
Email: 91749960628@qq.com

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