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Until the end of the exhibition day
Development time:
Exhibition venues:
Chengdu West China International Expo City
End Time:
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2020 West China (Chengdu) Heating and HVAC Exhibition (Hot Expo)
2020 West China (Chengdu) Heating and HVAC Exhibition (Hot Expo)
Western China (Chengdu) Heating & Ventilation Exhibition ( CHV2020 )
Time: March 7-9 Venue: Chengdu West China International Expo City
Theme: clean heating, smart heating, comfortable home
Recommended brand exhibition
Name: 2020 The 16th China Thermal Energy Expo
Time: 2020.8.16-18
Venue: Guangzhou · Canton Fair Complex
Scale: 130,000 square meters, 2000+ exhibitors
I. Organization
Guidance unit: National Energy Conservation Center
Organizers: Guangdong Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Energy Conservation Association, Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
Supporting units: China Rural Energy Industry Association Energy-saving Stoves Special Committee, Sichuan Province Environment and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association, Sichuan Province Conference and Exhibition Industry Association, Guangdong Province Solar Energy Association, Guangdong Energy Conservation Association Biomass Industry Professional Committee, National Grid Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd., China New Energy Network, China Burner Network, "Comfort e 3d之家", "Commercial Boiler"
Organizers: Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hongwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Introduction
The China Thermal Energy Expo (referred to as the Thermal Expo) was founded in 2005. It was formerly known as the Guangzhou International Thermal Energy Technology Expo. The Thermal Expo fully integrated the thermal energy, boilers, electric heat, hot water, heat pumps, waste heat, solar energy, and bioenergy of the Hongwei Group. After the exhibition resources of other industries, and the development of the fields of heat, heat treatment, drying, and drying, the new upgrades are accurately positioned in the industrial, agricultural, commercial heating and central heating and heating markets. The aim is to build a one-stop commercial procurement for the global thermal energy technology industry. Platform to promote industry communication and development. Beginning in 2018, the thermal expo will start as a whole and actively explore the large western market. It will develop from once a year to twice a year. In March each year, China ’s western (Chengdu) heating and heating exhibition is held. Held in Chengdu and Guangzhou, it has become one of the most influential and high-profile events in Asia. The total size of the Guangzhou Thermal Expo in 2020 is 13 pavilions with a total area of 130,000 square meters, and the scale of the Western Thermal Expo in 2020 is expected to reach 40,000 square meters.
Third, the exhibition review
The 2019 West China (Chengdu) Heating and HVAC Exhibition (referred to as the Western Heat Expo) ended successfully on March 7-9 in Chengdu West China International Expo City. This year's exhibition won the Guangdong Energy Conservation Association and the Sichuan Energy Conservation Association. , Sichuan Province Environment and Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association, Sichuan Province Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Energy Agency, China Rural Energy Industry Association Furnace Special Committee, Malaysian Biomass Industry Federation, China New Energy Network, China Burner Network and many other organizations strongly supported, and held the Western China Heating and Energy Conservation Summit 2019 and New Product Launch Conference at the same time. During the event, the response was enthusiastic. The three-day exhibition totaled more than 6,000 visitors and reached an intentional transaction volume of more than 90 million.
This exhibition brings together more than 150 brands, covering four major sectors such as boilers, heat pumps, drying, and biomass utilization. Among them, the participating brands of boilers and combustion equipment are Repton, Austria Polytechnik, Shuangfeng Boiler / Strontron, Junneng, Rooster, Luye, Luding, Mediterranean, Chuangyuan, Te An, Yannuo, and Heavy Pot , Aotong, Dekwo, Blanche, Pacific, Heber, Ocean, Dingyuan, Topda, Kaili, Hengfeng, Huayuan Front, Longyang, Nantes, Taurus, Toyo, Huantong, China Li, Sanyou, Fangkuai, Aoyuan, Luyi, Cobos, Yuefeng, Quanqiao, Yuanheng, Zhoubo, Oubao, 3d之家r, Hongshengda, Dawanxi / Greenway, Highland, Wealth friends, Ouke, Shuiguo, Jiayu, Shunmeng, Delian, Qiao's, Lan Qing, Zhongxu, Olympia, Jinwei, Saideli, Huoerchi, Huanyu, Baojie, Special Energy, Debbo, Chunyuan, etc .; heat pumps and drying equipment have attracted Finney, Changhong, Pavol, Bijing, Zhengxu, Rising, Irecos, Jinyang, Shengqi, Shuwang, Guanzhong, Shengnong, Brands such as Zhengfeng, Aihe, Lutian, Tomorrow, Nakajima, Xinhong, Aisinuo, Yike, Paike, Hengfeng, Weineng, Lejia, Ruiye joined; biomass utilization products are even more Gathered most of the industry's mainstream brands, such as Jinwu, Yulong, Yuguan, Zhengchang, Hongxin, Hanlong, Lugang, Hongyuan, Tianyiyuan, Bessel, Dingliang, Delisheng, Longteng, Tong Fu, Hongxuan, Rongda, Fuxin, Lida, Mingchuang, Maide, Zhongwang, Bolida, Weidong, Qixuan, Jiarong, Zhanzhuo, Chuang Senmei, Hongxing, Hengfengtai, Coffey, Rufus, Philander and others.
Later, I would like to thank the sponsors, Lepton, and specially invited the sponsors Jinwu Co., Ltd., Zhengchang, Huanyu, Hongxin, Yuanheng, Baojie, Mediterranean, Greenfield, Rooster, Shuangfeng, Tianyiyuan, and Bolin Tyson. , Juneng, Luding and other units have supported, encouraged and advised our society for many years.
Market Overview
In order to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's decision-making arrangements for further promoting clean heating in various regions, orderly advance clean energy transformation projects such as coal to electricity and coal to gas, accelerate the improvement of clean heating energy infrastructure construction, and expand centralized heating and cogeneration Production, multi-energy complementation and other heating methods to improve the construction and operation management level of clean heating facilities and equipment in China. The 2020 China International (Chengdu) Heating and HVAC Exhibition (Western Heat Expo), jointly organized by Guangdong Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Province Energy Conservation Association, and Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group, will be held in Western China on March 7-9, 2020 The International Expo City is grandly held, and strives to create a flagship event for heating and heating in the western region. It integrates exhibition display, brand promotion, product promotion, channel expansion, market research, communication and cooperation to promote exhibitors' technology docking, achievement transformation and product trading. Create a high-level, high-quality, high-quality platform for the industry.
The total area of western China accounts for about 72% of the country's total, with abundant mineral, land, gas, and water resources. With the construction of major projects such as west-to-east power transmission, west-to-east gas transmission, airports, and railways, and the strong implementation of the western development strategy, the economy and living standards of residents in the western region have developed by leaps and bounds. As the center of western China, Sichuan is an important junction of the southwest, northwest, and central regions. It is also an important meeting point and transportation corridor that connects central and southern China, connects northwest and southwest, and connects Central and South Asia. Based in Sichuan, it widely radiates in western regions such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Tibet, Guangxi, Xinjiang, and can make every effort to promote international markets such as South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe. The wine, food, beverage, tobacco, tea, oil and gas chemical industry, medicine, electronic information and other industries in the western region are well developed. The industrial, agricultural, commercial heating, and civilian heating markets have particularly broad space.
V. Exhibition Advantages
1. Marching into the west, Rio Tinto heating and heating market: The huge heating and heating and comfortable home market in western China, based in Sichuan, widely radiates Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Tibet, Guangxi, Xinjiang and other western regions In the region, the wine, food, beverage, tobacco, tea, chemical, environmental protection and other heating, drying, hot water and heating market space is particularly broad.
2. Promote foreign sales and directly target large purchasing groups: Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions have developed rapidly in recent years. The industrial, civil and commercial heating markets are huge. Sichuan is an important interchange point and transportation corridor in Central and South Asia. Leverage geographic and influence advantages to expand international markets.
3. Create a brand and occupy the commanding heights of the industry development: The global economic situation is not optimistic and the market is sluggish. In the severe situation, it is inevitable that the strength of the brand is to counteract the market fluctuations. Brands often gain opportunities from future market recovery and inherit the successful experience of previous exhibitions. , CHV2020 will be committed to becoming an industry event for enterprises to implement brand strategy and open up the future.
4. Gather buyers to create a corporate marketing platform: The exhibition will spread through the integration of resources of traditional media and emerging media such as television, radio, 3d之家papers and periodicals, the Internet, and mobile phones, and will extensively organize relevant buyers, industry dealers and agents, engineering Units and other companies participate in the exhibition to ensure that potential buyers in related industries understand the exhibition, visit and discuss cooperation, and provide a marketing platform for enterprises.
5. Elite elites to discuss new breakthroughs in industry development: Summit forums, expert lectures and other activities will be held during the exhibition. Relevant government department leaders, industry experts and business leaders will be invited to the meeting. Exchanges of industry elites will collide with each other. The guidance of the company will help enterprises clear the clouds, identify the course of navigation, and jointly achieve new breakthroughs in the development of the industry.
6. Publicity
1. Send millions of paper invitations, tickets and electronic tickets worldwide;
2. Over one million SMS buyer invitations throughout the year;
3. Uninterrupted WeChat / group, email, QQ / group and other information sending and sending;
4. Make full use of the WeChat public account channel to accumulate fans and expand the spread of the exhibition;
5, Baidu, 360 search, HC, network alliance promotion, circle of friends, Tencent News and other publicity advertising to expand the influence of the exhibition;
6, database optimization: refined heating, HVAC, heat pump, comfortable home and other big data, 800,000 big data, irregular promotion;
7. Association cooperation: maintain close contact with more than 100 domestic and foreign associations and scientific research units to make full use of resources;
8. Media Cooperation: Work closely with more than 300 mass / industry media / self-media / live broadcast platforms / vertical communities / APPs (multiple forms such as press releases, banner swaps, advertising swaps, advertising publications, resource swaps, etc.) , Or adopt a strategic cooperation model, and cooperate with the media to help disseminate exhibition information and assist in soliciting investment;
9. Exhibition promotion: Participate in the same type or related types of exhibitions / events (forums, conferences, lectures, annual meetings, press conferences, cocktail parties, etc.), publicize the exhibition, meet people in the industry, collect business cards, conference journals, and other materials; customer groups Distribute tickets, gifts and collect business cards at relevant exhibitions;
10. Telephone invitation: The business group, business center, and the International Department will call the audience to invite the audience; the target task will be divided into people and time to ensure the implementation and achieve the goal;
11. One exhibition and multiple exhibitions: Western Boiler, Heating, HVAC, and Energy exhibitions totaling 40,000 square meters, and a number of related related industry exhibitions;
12. Customer visits: visits to companies / associations / bases / trade centers / trading markets in the industry, etc., and make a visit plan in advance;
13. Exhibitor cooperation: disseminate information through customers in the hands of exhibitors, and invite dealers, agents and other industry professionals;
14. Celebrity effect: invite leaders / experts / elite / stars and other famous and influential people in the circle to participate in the exhibition activities to attract audiences;
15, gift strategy: sign in to give gifts, collect practical gift draws, receive red envelopes; housing gifts; reimbursement of fuel costs; participation coupons, etc .;
16. Pick-up and drop-off service: During the exhibition, buses will be sent to the professional audience gathering place to pick up and drop off visitors;
17. On-site service humanization: The exhibition site is equipped with unlimited Internet (WIFI), coffee area, business negotiation area, rest area, etc. to provide humanized services;
18. Short video dissemination: Produce all kinds of exquisite small videos and upload them to various video websites, and spread them on platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou;
19. Black technology-365 antenna exhibition: 720-degree multi-dimensional visual scanning of the exhibition hall and each booth, full-year display, offline exhibition once, online exhibition for one year, and visitors to the exhibition! At the same time, the company can customize the factory panoramic scanning service.
Mass media: China Central Television, China Central Radio, Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Guangzhou TV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Southern Daily, New Express, Tencent, Sina, Netease, Sohu, CCTV, Xinhuanet and more than 80 mass media
Professional media: "Science and Technology Daily", "Modern Heating", "Brand Solar", "China Refrigeration Heat Pump & Air Conditioner", "Heat Processing Technology", "Metal Heat Treatment", "Heat Pump Market", "Heat Pump Business", China Electric Heating Network, China New Energy Network, China Stove Network, China Thermal Energy Equipment Network, China Heat Treatment Equipment Network, Heat Treatment House, China Thermal Processing Network, China Heating Network, China Heating Information Network, China Central Heating Network, Smart Supply Heating network, China HVAC network, HC heating and heating network, China waste heat network, China waste heat power network, China radiator network, China boiler network, China boiler information network, China industrial boiler network, China burner network, China pressure vessel Network, China Thermal Power Industry Network, China Plate Heat Exchanger Network, China Drying Equipment Network, China Drying Network, China Dryer Network, China Dryer Network, Drying Equipment Network, China Chemical Equipment Network, China Thermal Engineering Network, China Heating Radiator Network, China Electric Heating Furnace Network, China Energy Conservation Industry Network, China Electric Appliance Network, China Heat Pump Network, China Heating Radiator Network, China Heater Network, China Heat Exchange Equipment Network, China Biomass Energy Network, China Surface Treatment Network, China Electroplating Network, China Foundry Network, Foundry World Network, Baizhu Network, Waste Heat Recovery Network, China Insulation Network, Low Carbon Industrial Network, China Chemical Equipment Network, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Network, China Industrial Energy Conservation Network, Polaris Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Network, China Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Network, Guangdong Energy Conservation Network, China Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Network, China Energy Conservation Online, International Environmental Protection Online Network, China Plate Heat Exchanger , Alibaba, China Energy Service Network, China Energy Network, International Energy Network, Boran Network, HVAC Designer Network, China Heating and Refrigeration Network, China Water Heater Brand Franchise Network, China Environmental Protection Online, China Power Network, Ground Source Heat Pump Network, international heating equipment network, China industrial control network ...
International cooperation: United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Energy Agency, Danish Energy Agency, World Biomass Association, German Federal Heating Industry Association, Danish District Heating Board, European Heating Association, German Building Air Conditioning and Ventilation Association, European Federal Heating Heat, American Renewable Energy Council, American Electrical Manufacturers Association, International Institute of Refrigeration Research, Hong Kong Appliance Manufacturers Association, Japan Electric Heaters Association, Japan Household Electrical Appliances Association, Swiss Agency for Environmental Technology, Independent Electricity Manufacturers Association, Malaysia Biomass Industry Federation, Singapore Solid Waste Management and Recycling Association
Audience groups
1. Agents, distributors, wholesalers, import and export traders
2.Construction engineering companies, contractors, engineering installation companies, energy-saving transformation companies, architectural design institutes, scientific research institutions, research institutes, and energy institutes
3.Real estate developers, property management companies, energy management companies
4.Hotels, hospitals, schools, canteens, office buildings, clubs, baths, restaurants, banks, stadiums, resorts, shopping malls, railways, airports, subways, factories and various types of commercial residential buildings
5. Relevant representatives of government, associations and common facilities management departments
6.Media, investment and financing institutions and others
[Specially invited buyer purchasing group]
Sichuan Provincial Energy Office, Economic and Information Commission, Xianyang Energy and Chemical Office, Sichuan Energy Conservation Association, Guizhou Province Resource Conservation Comprehensive Utilization Association, Yunnan Province Energy Conservation Association, Yunnan Tea Industry Association, Tianshui Fruit Industry Association, Gansu Province, Ningxia Wolfberry Industry Association, Shaanxi Tea Industry Association, Shaanxi Building Materials Industry Association, Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan Institute of Technology, Sichuan Lutong Industrial Park, Sichuan Modern Agricultural Machinery Industrial Park, Chongqing E-commerce Industrial Park, Guizhou Orchid Industrial Park, Xi'an Modern Textile Industrial Park, Xi'an Geely Automobile Industrial Park, Gansu Logistics Industrial Park, Gansu Xinglong Creative Agricultural Industrial Park, Unified Enterprise, Wuliangye, Guizhou Maotai, Hongta Group, China Tobacco, Cummins, Shaanxi Coal Group, Qidi Sander, Sany Environment (SANY Heavy Industry), Xin'ao Group, Chint Group, Shanghai Electric Group, Huaxi Stock, China National Chemical Construction Corporation ...
[Exclusive privileges for group audiences]
◆ Confirm the information of all the group members before the exhibition, and the visitor's certificate has been printed on site, eliminating the need for on-site registration and direct admission.
◆ Each member can get an exclusive gift package (exquisite gifts, visitor guide, electronic journal, etc.).
◆ Organizers will receive an extra upgrade gift.
◆ VIP lounge enjoy free mineral water and refreshments.
◆ The organizing committee provides a group photo service for the visiting group.
◆ Inform the visit and purchase intention in advance, and assist in meeting relevant exhibitors.
Exhibiting scope
(1) Heating and heating equipment
Gas (oil) boilers, biomass boilers, steam generators, gas wall-hung boilers, fireplaces, electric boilers, electric heating furnaces, electromagnetic boilers, electrode boilers, heaters, condensation module boilers, steam generators, circulating fluidized bed boilers, Boiler auxiliary machines; various burners, heat exchangers, condensers, energy savers; various heating and hot water systems, boiler water treatment equipment, boiler desulfurization / denitrification / dust removal equipment.
(Two) electric heating
Electric wall-hung boilers, electric heating heaters, heaters, heating stoves, carbon crystals, electric heating equipment, new electric heating and space heating technology and equipment.
(3) Heat pump, drying and air conditioning
Air source / ground source / water source heat pump system; drying and drying equipment; central air-conditioning / fan / coil / air duct / air vent / wind curtain and other ventilation equipment.
(Four) comfortable home system
Central fresh air system; Central vacuum system; Constant temperature and humidity system; Smart home; Air detection and purification technology equipment; Central water purification system.
(V) Pumps, valves, pipelines, heat metering, self-control and energy saving and environmental protection equipment
Boiler / heating network / air conditioning and heating system automation operation control equipment; hydraulic balancing equipment, HVAC control valves, pipe fittings, water pumps; system integration in heat exchange stations; gas meters; pressure switches, pressure meters, temperature meters, liquid level meters, Environmental analysis and testing equipment and environmental protection equipment such as gas analyzers, flue gas monitoring systems, dust concentration meters, heat meters of instruments, temperature control valves (devices), etc.
(6) Products and equipment for geothermal heating
Geothermal development and utilization technology and equipment; electric heating film, electric hot plate, heating floor, geothermal cable and other products; low-temperature hot water floor heating equipment, floor heating floor heating pipes and related supporting products, floor heating production equipment and new technologies.
Nine, zero booth fee price list
Catalogues and other advertisements ( advertising layout designed by the company itself)
10. Why should we participate?
1. Create a comprehensive, centralized and perfect industry procurement base.
2. Establish an extensive investment network in an all-round way-tens of thousands of professional and suitable buyers are invited.
3. Save on visiting costs-meet target customers face to face and seize business opportunities.
4. Precisely determine your company's brand-effectively establish an important position in the corporate market and increase corporate brand awareness.
5. Comprehensively and vigorously publicize and expand enterprise products and services-quickly increase the influence of products or services in the industry.
6. Master new industry trends and technologies.
7. Comprehensively and intuitively reflect the advantages of enterprise products and market research.
8. Huge support from hundreds of domestic and foreign industry associations, institutions and media-the industry's annual heavy focus.
Eleven, participation process & rules
1. Heating, HVAC, energy, and comfortable home furnishing enterprises that are legally registered and pay taxes in accordance with the law, and provide a copy of the business license;
2. Free participation in domestic registration, legal and regular enterprises;
3. Post the 2020 West China (Chengdu) Heating and HVAC Exhibition (Hot Expo) on the exhibitor's website before registering for the exhibition;
4. Both parties sign the application form for exhibition, and remit the booth fee to the designated account of the conference within 5 working days.
5. The company received the "Invitation Letter" from the organizing committee, please fill in the "Exhibition Application Form" in detail, scan the form with the official seal, and return the original contract and the red stamped business license attachment to the organizing committee. Exhibitors will remit the participation fee to the designated account of the conference within 5 working days. After remittance, please provide the remittance slip and billing information. If no payment is received during the period, the organizing committee has the right to cancel or adjust the booth.
[ Details of Free Exhibit Application ]
This exhibition is led by Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group, in conjunction with the government, the competent authority, and a well-known investment bank in China. It will provide some free booths for 2020 West China (Chengdu) heating and ventilation exhibition exhibitors. In order to prevent vicious competition, avoid vicious applications, According to the relevant regulations of the government and the exhibition hall and the requirements of the majority of exhibiting companies, the organizer will conditionally limit the number of booths that companies apply for subsidies, so that more companies can participate and better serve the exhibitors. Provide professional and standardized exhibition services.
Contact information
For more information, please contact the organizer: Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
For more information, please visit the Hot Expo: www.heat-china.com
Organizing Committee: Zhou Guoyong 18613183279
Switchboard: 4006-258-268
Fax: 020-36657099
Email: 1256761899@qq.com
Headquarters: 7th Floor, Block C, Poly World Trade Center, 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
International Department: 4th Floor, No. 4 Jingu Third Street, Kehui, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

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