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Shanghai New International Expo Centre
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IFME2020 第十届中国(上海)国际流体机械展览会
IFME2020 The 10th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition

"China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME)", which is held every two years, is a large-scale, high-industrial, rich variety of exhibits and exhibits level of the fluid machinery industry in China, sponsored by the China General Machinery Industry Association. Large-scale professional exhibitions with advanced and high audience levels. The exhibition focuses on the new achievements of domestic and foreign fluid machinery manufacturing industries in technological innovation and product development.
"China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFME)" is the only large-scale and authoritative exhibition in China's fluid machinery industry, sponsored by China General Machinery Industry Association. It shows a variety of exhibits with advanced technology, and attracts many professional audiences. The exhibition is held every two years. At that time, the latest achievements in the field of fluid machinery manufacturing in terms of technological innovation and product development will be displayed.
During the exhibition, the organizer invited important industry users, engineering companies, foreign embassies in China, and domestic and foreign industry organizations to visit. At the same time, the organizer held a rich and diverse technology summit forum, international industry forum, and technology exchange meeting during the exhibition. , New product launches and user signing ceremonies. In order to show the industry influence of the exhibition, more than 80 industry professional media publicized and reported on the participating and exhibiting enterprises from different angles and multiple channels during the exhibition.
During the exhibition, the organizers will invite major industry users, engineering companies, foreign embassies in China, and domestic and foreign industry organizations to visit. At the same time, the organizers will hold a variety of technical summits, international industry forums, technology sharing meetings, new product launches, and user signing ceremonies. In order to show the industry influence of the exhibition extensively, more than 80 professional media in the fluid machinery manufacturing and user industry, domestically and internationally, will report and propagandize the participants and exhibitors from a variety of perspectives, channels and dimensions.

【Range of exhibition】
Pumps, fans, compressors, valves, gas separation equipment, gas purification equipment, vacuum equipment, cooling equipment, separation machinery, drying equipment, speed reducer.
Pumps, Valves, Fans, Turbomachinery, Compressors, Gas Separation Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Transmission Reducer, Cooling Equipment, Drying Equipment.
[Audience category]
Petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas, electric power, nuclear power, metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, water treatment and other user units, research and design institutes, engineering and trading companies.
User units such as petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas, power, nuclearpower, metallurgy, mining, environmental protection and water treatment. Research and design institutes, engineering and trading companies.
[IFME2020 Cooperative Media (Part)]

[IFME2018 Exhibitor List (Partial)]
Ebara Group of Japan, Shengu Group Nuclear Power Pump Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaspi, China Power Construction Corporation Shanghai Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaiquan, Shanghai Liancheng, Shanghai Apollo, Shanghai Dongfang Pumps, Leo Group, Lanzhou NETZSCH, Lanshen Group, Dianshi Nashi, Shijiazhuang Mighty, Dalian Dana, Shandong Shuanglun, Dalian Hermitage, Hunan Kailite, Hitachi Pump, Chongqing Water Pump Factory, Anhui Yalan Seals, Nanjing Chuangli Transmission , Lanzhou Highland Pump Industry, Liaoning Hengxing Pump Industry, Sanlian Pump Industry, Shanghai Kaipu Industry, Anhui Ryan Electric Pump, Hanjiang Hongyuan Xiangyang Silicon Carbide Special Ceramics, Shanghai Pinxing Explosion-proof Motor, Jiangsu Huaqing Fluid Technology, Ningbo De Lishi, Nanfang CICC Environment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Pump and Valve Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Yantai Hengbang Pump Industry, Hubei Shenlong Pump Industry, Ruiban Electromechanical Transmission Technology, Yantai Shengquan Pump Industry, Nantong Jiaan, Wuhan Zhengtong Transmission , Zibo Vacuum, Shanghai Water Pump Factory, Jiangsu Lianneng Electronics, Dandong Pu Rui Fluid Machinery, Zhejiang Taifu Pump Industry, Hefei Hengda Jianghai Pump Industry, Jiangsu University Fluid Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, Changzhou Smart Smart Motor Co., Ltd., Nanjing Tianye Software, Zhejiang High-performance Industrial Pump and Vacuum Equipment Engineering Research Center, Shenyang Water Pump Research Institute, Hunan Xiangdian Changsha Water Pump, Xiangyang May 25 Pump Industry, Shenzhen Quantianxia Pump Industry, Tellhow Shenyang Electric, Liaoning Huari High-tech Materials, Yantai Longgang Pump, Zhaoqing Zhigao Electric, Shanghai Shuangyu Transmission, Jiashan Huaxin Mechanical Seal Factory, Jiangsu Keao Fluid Technology, Shandong Huayun Electromechanical, Zhangjiagang Seth Mechanical Seal, Wuhu Huayi Valve, Dongying Jiayang Precision Metal, Magna Sodium Magnetic Power, Shanghai Shiyang Transmission Machinery, Shijiazhuang Datang Pump Industry
Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd., Shenyang Blower Research Institute, Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mori Machinery, Shanghai Electric Blower Factory, Zhangqiu Blower in Shandong Province, Nantong Datong Baofu Blower, Hebei Tongxin Group, Jiangsu Jintongling Fluid Machinery, Chongqing General Industry (Group), Yisheng (Tianjin) Technology, Beijing Xin'an Special Fan, Anshan Gangfeng Fan, Jiangsu Best Machinery, Wuxi Houde, Liaoyang Ketong Machinery, Dalian Chuangsifu Hydraulic Coupling Complete Set Equipment, Suzhou Dingyu Energy-saving Equipment, Anhui Anfeng Fan, Shandong Hiford Machinery, Changsha Blower Factory, Siping Blower, Hubei Shuangjian Blower, Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment, Sichuan Blower, Shandong Linfeng Technology, China Power Construction Group Ping Technology Co., Ltd., Wolong Electric Group, Zhejiang Huichuang Fan, Shanghai General Fan, Yuyao Fan General Factory, Shandong Hongye Environmental Technology, Shandong Jinxin Air Conditioning, Shandong Rongshi Ventilation Equipment, Shandong Xingheng Environmental Technology, Sichuan Nippon Seal Pieces, Hunan Chongde Industrial Technology, Shandong Luotai Fan, Shanghai Haineng Transmission Machinery, Zhou Zheda Technology, Jiangsu Yingdeli Industry, Siping Dongda Fan Engineering, Suzhou Panli Fan, Jin Blower Group, Nantong Antai Fan, Guangdong Green Island Wind Air System, Shanghai Dehui Special Fan, Nanjing Xinfangda CNC, Foshan Nanhai Jiuzhou Pratt & Whitney Fan, Hebei Erhai Blower, Zhejiang Yongjia Tongyang Environmental Protection Technology, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancer, Shandong Sanniu Machinery, Tianjin Xindele Technology, Yixing Zhongxing Explosion-proof Fan Impeller, Qingdao Fan Factory, Jinan Mountain Cheng Foundry Machinery, Shanxi Anrui Fan Electric
Hangzhou Oxygen Group, Sichuan Air Separation Group, Kaifeng Air Separation Group, Hangzhou Foster Cryogenic Equipment, Guangxi Huayuan Filtration System, Shanghai Jialishi Machinery, Shanghai Dalong Machinery Factory, Taizhou Huantian Technology, Gu Na Heavy Industry (Suzhou) , Chengdu Compressor Branch of PetroChina Jichai Power Co., Ltd., Wuxi Compressor, Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory, Beijing Jingcheng Compressor, Taizhou Huayu Bearings, Xinlei Compressor, HOERBIGER, Denier Energy Saving Technology , Shanghai Hanzhong Precision Machinery, Delta Group, Hope Senlan Technology, Xiamen East Asia Machinery, Shanghai Scolo Compressor, Atlas Copco, Tilink Compressor, Shijiazhuang Compus Compressor, Guangzhou陛 Fast Pipeline Technology, Guangdong Alink Energy Equipment, Jiangsu Fengtai Fluid Machinery, Huzhou Giant Motor, Zhongshan Lingyu Machinery, Dongze Energy Saving Technology (Suzhou), Shanghai Superman Filter, Shenyang Yuanda Compressor, Sa Zhen Compressor (Shanghai), Jiangsu Jiayu Special Equipment, Suzhou Weichuang Electric, Guangzhou Aofeng Compressor, Tuo Ai Compressor (Shanghai), CRRC Zhuzhou Motor, Shandong Lijiu Special Motor, Jilin City An electronics store point of spiritual intelligence technology, rich Pyle, Wuxi Yu Jin spring technology, Qinghai second machine, Jiang Xi Kangqi industry, namely Shanghai Sheng mechanical engineering, energy-saving technology Chen Man, Jiangsu Science and Technology Department of Mechanical Lang
Jiangsu Provincial Valve Industry Association, American Welland Group, China Nuclear Su Valve, Suzhou Neway, Dalian Da Gao, Beijing Houli Valve Industry Group, Lanzhou High Pressure Valve, Anhui Tongdu Fluid Technology, Qingdao Weilong Valve, Jiangsu Shentong Valve, Shanghai Valve Factory, Henan Tonghai Fluid Equipment, Shanghai Batei Valve, Suzhou Dawson Valve, Vidori Valve, Zhejiang Liangjing Valve, Baoyi Group, Chengdu Chengfeng Fluid Technology, Zhejiang Dunan Intelligent Control Technology, Shenyang Shengshi High and Medium Pressure Valve, Chaoda Valve, Xuanda Industrial Group, Tianjin Baili Zhanfa Group, Carrett Valve Industry, Sichuan Precision Control Valve, Shanghai Meike Valve, Seiko Valve, Kaitai Valve, Shenjiang Valve, Sichuan Feiqiu Group, Shanghai Electric Valves, Kaifeng High and Medium Pressure Valves, Lianggong Valves, Bethel Valves, Shanghai Kaiweixi, Jiangsu Suyan, Shanghai Guanlong Valves, Alpine Valves, Wenzhou Binter, Founder Valves, Jiangsu Shengtai Valves, Jinan Mike Valves, Shanghai High-Medium Pressure Valve, Bonasway Valve, Beijing Valve General Factory, Yangzhou Power Equipment Repair and Manufacturing Factory, Anhui Tunxi High Pressure Valve, Suzhou Industrial Park Star Germany Valve, Wenzhou Huahai Seals, Shanghai Hugong Valve Factory, Shandong Aoke Automatic Control Equipment, Suzhou Shuangjin Industry, Jitai Valve, Shanghai Zengxin Electromechanical, Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical Technology Equipment Engineering, Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Machinery, Harbin Electric Group , Suzhou Antewei Valve, Saint-Bole Valve, Shanghai Keke Valve, Weifang Yuchuan Machinery, Penglai Jinchuang Precision Casting, Xi'an Pump Valve Factory, Jiangsu Yandian Valve, Ningbo Tiansheng Seals, Nanjing Kent Composite, Shanghai Honest Sealing Technology, Tianjin Ecotec Measurement and Control Technology, Rotork Trading, Tianjin North Valve Control Equipment, Italy Trevisan Machine Tool, Beijing Yutaixing New Materials, Nantong High and Medium Pressure Valve, Wuhan Boiler Group, Chongqing Chuanyi Automation, Zhejiang Yongsheng Technology, Sopai Automation, Panda Valve Technology, Shanghai Automation Instrumentation, Anshi Asia-Pacific Technology, Wuxi Yadi Fluid Control Technology, Zhejiang Yingluohua Equipment, Kaifeng Yellow River Air Separation Group.
[Organizer Introduction]
China General Machinery Industry Association (abbreviated as China Communications Association, abbreviated as CGMA) is a national social organization with the status of a social organization legal person approved and registered by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China in April 1989.
In April of 1989, approved by Ministry of Machinery and Electronics and Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, China General Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "CGMA") was registered and enrolled as national entity with legal person social organization .
China Telecom Association is a national industry organization of the general machinery industry in China. It is composed of manufacturing companies, related scientific research and design institutes, engineering and trading companies, colleges and universities, social organizations and industry personnel. , Petrochemical, coal chemical, chemical fertilizer, power, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, energy conservation, environmental protection, coal development and utilization of minerals, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering, water conservancy, building materials, light industry, textiles, medicine, agriculture, food, Products and services are provided in areas such as transportation, national economy, urban infrastructure construction and national defense construction. In the localization of major technical equipment, members of the China National Association of Communications undertake the development and production of key equipment such as national large-scale nuclear power main pumps, natural gas pipeline compressors, and million-tonne pipeline compressors, which guarantee the national economic security.
China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA) is the only national industry organization in the general machinery industry in China. It consists of manufacturing enterprises, related research and design institutes, engineering and trading companies, universities and social organizations. Providing energy and power equipment for various fields of nuclear power, petrochemicals and natural gas technology. In the localization of major technical equipment, a group of general machinery industry members bear the mission of national economic security. The development and production of key equipment such as nuclear power main pumps, natural gas pipeline compressors, and millions of tons of ethylene pipeline compressors provide guarantee for national economic security.
Zhongtong Association has 12 branches according to the specialty: pumps, fans, compressors, valves, gas separation equipment, gas purification equipment, vacuum equipment, energy recovery equipment, cooling equipment, separation machinery, drying equipment, speed reducers, etc .; headquarters There are General Department, International Cooperation Department, Exhibition and Media Center, Information Department, Science and Technology Department, Standards and Quality Department.
CGMA has 12 industry branches including pump industry, fan, compressor, valve, gas separation equipment, separation machinery, gas cleaning equipment, reducer, vacuum equipment, drying equipment, gas purification equipment, cooling equipment and energy recovery equipment. CGMA headquarter is in Beijing , including comprehensive department, exhibition & media center, information department, sci-tech department, standard quality department, and international cooperation department etc.

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Address: Room 502, Unit 2 (Building B), No. 9 Yard, Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Phone: 010-88393520 / 21/22/23 to 824 Mobile: 13801094259 Contact person: Jia Chunkai
Email: jiachunkai@cgmia.org.cn Website: www.cgmia.org.cn

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