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Until the end of the exhibition day
Development time:
Exhibition venues:
Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center
End Time:
Exhibition official website:
Ningxia HVAC Exhibition (Yinchuan) Heating, Heating and Air Conditioning Heat Pump Exhibition
Ningxia HVAC Exhibition (Yinchuan) Heating, Heating and Air Conditioning Heat Pump Exhibition
Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center, April 10-12, 2020
Directed by:
Ningxia Autonomous Region People's Government, Ningxia Autonomous Region Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, Ningxia HVAC Thermal Energy Academic Committee, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Ningxia Branch
Ningxia Solar Energy Association
China Science and Technology International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China Science and Technology Exhibition Yinchuan Branch
Exhibition highlights
Industry weathervane: Tongwei is more solidly oriented to the actual needs of the development of the HVAC industry, building a supply and demand flow platform. The new technology, new process and new equipment urgently needed at the present stage will be displayed, and government officials, experts and well-known enterprises will gather to discuss the city construction platform.
Marketization of operation: This HVAC exhibition operates in a government-guided and market-oriented manner, fully investigates demand, and dispatches 5,000 survey questionnaires. Based on the specific demand projects refined by departments at all levels, it provides market opportunities for supply and demand docking for both supply and demand parties in technical cooperation, project introduction, construction and operation.
Exquisite management: support the connection with the high starting point, high standards, and high-quality construction in the western region, and focus on screening and recommending companies and products with technological development directions, market potential and vitality in the field of HVAC. Exhibitors must meet international or domestic standards.
Diversified activities: Various forms of activities, including: opening ceremony, summit forum, exhibition, supply and demand matchmaking, product technology promotion meeting, field visit, cooperation signing, technology catalog release, media interview, etc.
Range of exhibition
HVAC Product Technology, Boilers, Wall-hung Boilers and Accessories, Heat Metering and Accessories, Radiators and Accessories, Heat Pumps, Floor Heating and Accessories, Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Ventilation, Air Conditioners, Capillary Networks, Radiant Ceiling Heating, Solar Energy, Biomass Can heat, other
Intelligent control product technology, sensors, thermostats, controllers, actuators, fresh air control and air purification control systems, network control systems, intelligent energy-saving technologies and products, wireless control systems, control system software and accessories, heating control systems , Others, central air-conditioning control system
Comfortable home product technology, fresh air, smart home, water purification, other, air purification
Concurrent activities
According to the relevant requirements of Yinchuan HVAC construction work, professional technical forums in the field of HVAC construction will be held in a timely manner, and thematic supply and demand docking fairs will be organized in accordance with the needs of urban construction work and the willingness of exhibitors to promote them.
Related activities
◆ 2020 Belt and Road (Yinchuan) Clean Heating Summit Forum;
◆ 2020 Heat Pump Heating Technology Development Forum;
◆ 2020 Solar Energy Comprehensive Utilization Technology Forum;
◆ 2020 Northwest Biomass New Product and New Technology Exchange Conference.
Visiting groups
◆ Northwest governments at all levels and local development and reform, housing construction, environmental protection, economic trust, agricultural commissions, science commissions, rural energy and other government departments and project implementation units, industry associations, related organizations, scientific research units, universities, etc .;
◆ Adopt clean and heating related industry organizations, units, army logistics, aviation bases, petroleum and petrochemical companies, baths, medical care, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, animal husbandry, greenhouses and professional users;
◆ Representatives of related companies such as engineering installation, energy hosting, energy conservation and environmental protection services, PPP project operation, etc .;
◆ Designers of large-scale buildings, HVAC, municipal investment, heating, property management and other design institutes;
◆ Real estate development, building construction and installation, building decoration and residential property management companies; heating, gas, energy saving, metering, energy, environmental protection and public utility sectors;
◆ Manufacturing, distribution, agents, professional engineering companies, import and export trading companies, investment and entrepreneurial personnel of heating and cooling, boilers, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, floor heating, plumbing, electromechanical, etc .;
◆ Beverages, food, pharmaceutical, dyeing, petrochemical, aerospace, painting, baking, electroplating, aluminum industry, home appliances, furniture, agriculture and forestry industries
◆ Professional stores for heating, water supply, gas supply companies, building materials home market, HVAC equipment; project construction units, building contractors, residential and industrial construction sites, factories and mines, etc .;
◆ The organizing committee will invite the potential customers "one to one" after the registration of the exhibitors to organize.
◆ The organizing committee will invite interested international institutions, enterprises, buyers, traders and other buyers.
Cooperative Media
Central media: CCTV, People's Daily, Economic Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily, Science and Technology Daily, etc. Mainstream portals: Sina, Phoenix, Sohu, Tencent, Netease, etc. Industry media: China Electric Heating Network, HVAC Foreign Trade Platform, China Pump and Valve Network, China Burner Network, China Floor Heating Network, HVAC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, China Environmental Protection Boiler Network, China Wall-Mounted Boiler Network, Cold and Warm Emotional Quotient Network, China Wall-Hung Boiler Network , China ground source heat pump network, HVAC, China thermal energy equipment network, China heating equipment network, China heating radiator network, HVAC talent network, China stove network, China boiler network, HC heat pump network, China radiator network , China New Wind Network, etc. WeChat public platform: (and synchronized to the exhibition 3d之家), etc .; Newspapers: Ningxia Economic Daily, Ningxia Daily, Urban Consumption Morning News, Yinchuan Evening News, etc.
Charge Details
Standard booth (3 * 3) 7800 yuan open space 780 yuan flat; 36 flat
Booth configuration: Special-built booths do not include design and construction, sanitation, electricity, and other necessities (relevant special equipment management fees and electricity costs are the responsibility of the exhibitors)
Open space: one fascia board, one reception table, two chairs, one power socket, two fluorescent lamps, and carpet;
Product presentation 45 minutes 12,000 yuan
Exhibition Contact
Zhongke International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 6 North Third Ring Road East, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact: Sun Jieru 186 0113 2227 (same as WeChat)
E-mai l: 2289564285@qq.com

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